10 Low GI Snacks That Taste Delcious!

Now, before we start on this one let me clear my conscience.   Under the trades description act I have to point out that not all of this lot taste delicious.

For some of these foodstuffs the label Devils Food might be a more appropriate description than Delicious but in the name of balanced writing and keeping the editor happy here goes…..see if you can work out the less than faves.

1. Yogurt: If you were around in the seventies when dairy industry found a new way of flogging milk by creating and branding a super food you’ll remember how all the beautiful people fell for it and yoghurts became permanent fixtures on our supermarket shelves.

Do remember though that this is processed food (boooo hissss) so you’ve got to watch what you buy.  Make sure it’s low fat (or even better, non-fat) with no added sugar (check out the carbs).

Yoghurts have really changed over the years and if you can get your hands on pro-biotic ones whose live cultures are good for your digestion then go for it.

2. Small, but perfectly formed nuts are a great combination of unsaturated fat, protein and carbs and are great to take out and about with you.

They are quite portable and extremely nutritious. Great for keeping on your briefcase or your locker at work for when you need that next munch.

If you’re buying nuts that are roasted then buy dry roasted as they have no added oil – important because the little blighters are calorie rich as it is.  A small handful is upwards of 200 calories.

3. There’s nothing quite so good as fruit (well, maybe vegetables).  Mke your mantra “I promise to eat the fruit, the whole fruit and noting but the fruit.”  Keep your choices as seasonal as you can for maximum benefit but do be aware of hidden carbs.

Look for berries, melon, apples, oranges and grapefruit which have the highest fibre and lowest carb content.  Chuck in a handful of non fat yoghurt or low fat cheese and you’ve got Low GI nirvana.

4. Smoothies,  oh what a circus, oh what a show (didn’t someone else write that, sorry your Lordship) but don’t get me going on this one.  You want something quick and on the run when you’re fitting in five or six mealets (like that one?) a day.

Follow this….Take one cup of skimmed milk, and half a cup of non fat yoghurt, two drops (like I’ve really got time for all this) of vanilla essence 1 cup of ice.  Add (yes there still more….) half a cup of berries and blend until smooth.

Whilst blending take a look around you and see your kitchen looking like a bomb site.  I know they’re lovely and they’re good for you but surely there’s an easier way?

5. What is it that people dislike about oats.  They’re a real marmite food – in fact perhaps we should dump the marmite food and call it oats food – you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em.  For me one of the joys of winter is the first bowl of porridge.

Oats really are low GI royalty Oats and there’s no doubt that a bowl of breakfast porridge sets you up for the morning and really keeps the hunger pangs at bay.  If  you’re pushed for time in the mornings (I want to say get up earlier but that’s not helpful) then look for the microwave stuff.

Sachet of oats, milk, microwave for 2 mins and ding, job done.  Do watch out for the flavoured ones though, more than a fair few carbs lurking.

6. Dark chocolate.  No longer a guilty pleasure, it’s official so let’s come out of the choccy closet screaming!  Would you have ever realised?  This is not about an extra Mars Bar A Day – they never did help you Work, Rest and Play (am I showing my age again).  You need the proper stuff.  Good quality with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids is low GI.  The higher the chocolate content the less cocoa-butter, sugar and other muck in each bar.  This is not about bolting your KitKat, two fingers at a time;  take a single square and let it melt slowly of your tongue, don’t chew just let it melt and if you’ve been a good little athlete you can have a second square.

7. Baked corn chips with fresh salsa.  Gotta say here that this is a winner but you need time, a good salsa don’t just happen.  A base of finely chopped tomatoes, you want the flesh not the pips, and then add some strong red onion and you’re off to a good start.

To that you can then add handfuls of chopped coriander (the stalks are much better than the leaves) and a good squeeze of fresh lime juice with a little salt and pepper.  Finally, and I don’t believe I’m writing this, a tiny amount of sugar to lift all those flavours.

Simply serve in a bowl with corn chips (warmed in the oven if you have time) and scoop the salsa up on the corn chips.

8. Wholegrain pita chips topped with hummus is one of the food stuffs I’d be happy to buy from my local JS, probably because I’ve never made hummus myself so don’t really know how poorly the supermarket version tastes but never mind that.

Toast a whole grain pitta, slice and load up with humus taking acre to eat whilst the pitta is still hot.  To boost the taste sensation, try squeezing in the juice of half a lemon.

9. Baked beans on multigrain toast – for a late-night supper there’s nothing better.  It’s that combination of childhood memories, Saturday afternoon watching the wrestling with Granny.

Toast with lashings of butter and what could be better?  Well, probably not a lot providing you make sure your toast if wholemeal or granary (you know the routine by now) and you use something more blood vessel friendly than lashings of butter.

There are even low salt and low sugar versions available which aren’t half bad (he lied through his teeth).

10 A hardboiled egg – least said soonest mended.

Well, did you spot the devils food in disguise?


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