10,000 Hours to Go Pro

One of my buddies and I were discussing the swim training we were doing for an ironman race that was coming up.  The biggest thing we both were having problems with was trying to take time off of what we were able to do.

It seemed that when we would be training those who were around us were able to swim faster than us, but didn’t look like they were as in shape as we were.  More than likely it was because we hadn’t been training like other swimmers.

Swimmers have logged lots of hours, usually somewhere between 2 – 3 hours a day every day for most of the year while they were in high school and college.

We were just setting expectations on ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to meet without just continuing to practice and train.
So it is important to give yourself a break.

Whether it is 105 times or 10,000 times that a repetition needs to be done correctly, what is important is to keep working at it.  As you work at getting it down to perfection, you will realize that there are always skills that need to be worked on that need to get better.

The only way to get better is to keep trying and practicing.  

So it is important to focus on what is right in front of you.  There are three things to remember when training for a triathlon or ironman race:

1  Get Real – When you set unrealistic expectations on yourself, you will get frustrated.  More than likely, unless you are training for a triathlon full time, it is a hobby, so you need to set expectations that are realistic.

As you work towards each event, you will continue to get better.  Also remember that each event in the triathlon has a certain set of skills that are needed, so you have many skills to work on, so break them down into smaller parts to work on.

2  Stay Focused – Even though multi-tasking may work in other areas of your life, it will not work well in training.  Focus on what is at hand, which is spending time training.

Increasing drills, etc will help you do better as you get better at them.  By working on what needs to be done right now while this training session is happening, you will do better and get a better training session accomplished.

3  Spend The Time – Keep working at it.  Don’t try to cram what you should be doing over a long period of time into a short period of time.  Remember that as you prepare for more ironman and triathlons, you will continue to get better.

So spend the time necessary to get the training in and doing it right.  You will be happier with the end results.

Good luck!


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