2011 2XU ST-2 Sleeveless Wetsuit Review

The 2011 2XU ST:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit–reviewed below–may take the prize as the best designed sleeveless wetsuit for its price. Using top-of-the-line materials to make this sleeveless wetsuit, 2XU has created an amazing wetsuit loaded with all of the features that set 2XU apart.

Sleeveless Or Not?

When choosing a sleeveless wetsuit, think of how you’ll use it. Will the sleeveless wetsuit be used in water with warmer temps or colder temps? Typically, a swimmer will want sleeveless when swimming in waters that are around 73 degrees or warmer, and sleeves in anything colder. Frozen arms don’t work well, especially in competitions.

2XU Mens ST2 Wetsuit Review

2XU Mens ST2 Wetsuit



However, if you’ve used wetsuits with sleeves in the past, you may have found that they can sometimes prevent proper arm movements, frustrating you. The truth is, the quality of the suit has a lot to do with that. Higher quality wet suits will be made of higher quality materials that allow for maximum stretch.

Even then, though, sometimes swimmers like the feel of open arms in the open water. That’s alright if you do. 2XU has created a magnificent sleeveless wetsuit in the 2011 ST:2 Sleeveless that will help you reach your full potential in swimming.

Award Winning Benefits

2XU has come out with a new feature for its ST:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit, called Silicone X Skin–SXS, a Hydrodynamic Silicone which coats the 2011 2XU ST:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit, and creates a faster swim experience. The suit is made from high quality Yamamoto neoprene, as are all their other suits, which provides excellent buoyancy and comfortable fit.

The 2011 2XU ST:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit presents a 39 cell front panel that keeps heat trapped for your core as well as providing a surprising amount of buoyancy on one of the heavier parts of your body. With this 39 cell front panel, a swimmer can expend less energy for each stroke, resulting in greater gains during competition.

2XU has created a proprietary feature called the Rollbar, which is used in this front panel. The Rollbar keeps the heaviness of your core floating, which creates excellent body position for efficient strokes. This wetsuit will help you be the first one out of the water.

2XU Womens ST2 Wetsuit Review

2XU Womens ST2 Wetsuit



Velocity Streaks are another proprietary feature of a 2XU wetsuit. These streaks are emblazoned across the chest, providing more stability while propelling through the water. A stable swimmer is an efficient swimmer.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the wetsuit you buy will determine the quality of the materials the wetsuit is made of. The 2011 2XU Men’s ST:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit is made from the highest quality Yamamoto neoprene around, offering amazing flexibility during a swim.

Low quality suits use cheaper neoprene which forces the swimmer to fight the suit while swimming. Yamamoto neoprene is stretchy, allowing your chest to expand and shrink when breathing heavy, and allowing for unfettered movements of the body. The 39 cell Yamamoto neoprene is light and stays light in the water by resisting every temptation to absorb water. Swimmers can glide easily through the water with a suit that isn’t weighing them down.

The 2011 2XU ST:2 Sleeveless Suit comes with a two year warranty that shows the customer that 2XU stands behind the quality of their products.

High quality wetsuits are numerous today, but they don’t have the technology that 2XU provides with its ST:2 Sleeveless Wetsuit. Find out more by clicking HERE-mens and HERE-womens. Great prices and free shipping.


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