2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit

The 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit–reviewed below–is the perfect ‘value’ purchase; this wetsuit provides great technology at a great price, greatly increasing swim times during both training and competition.

Orca Sonar Mens Review

Orca Sonar Mens



The 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit is perfect for those who feel wetsuit sleeves are too restrictive and taxing. Get the full range of motion for your arms with this suit, while still benefiting from the years of science that went into creating it.

The Sonar Sleeveless wetsuit is at the head of its class for its value. Discover the performance enhancing properties of this suit explained below.

Stretch and Resistance

The 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit provides thermal protection for the torso, thighs, and calves, while also increasing buoyancy. The Orca Sonar Sleeveless is blended from Yamamoto #39 cell neoprene for maximum flexibility, buoyancy, and thermal protection.

This neoprene allows for a 520 percent ‘elongation rate,’ meaning that whenever your body needs to stretch, the suit lets it. Other suits at this value don’t offer the stretch that Orca suits provide.

Orca Sonar Womens Review

Orca Sonar Womens


Since the suit is water resistant, the neoprene doesn’t hold water, which makes for faster swimming. The 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit also uses a Super Composite Skin–SCS–coating on all closed-cell neoprenes to keep the suit from absorbing water, so water won’t stick to the suit and weigh an athlete down when jumping out of open waters.

An added benefit of the suit’s coating is that water resistance creates a suit that is lighter than usual, allowing the swimmer to save energy for the rest of the triathlon.

The calf panels on the 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit is made of three millimeter neoprene, dubbed by Orca as the Speed Transition Calf Panel, to make for easier removal during transitions.

Loose neck lines on wetsuits create a miserable experience for swimmers. The neck line on the Sonar Sleeveless is crafted to lay flat against the neck with little to no movement, reducing chaffing and water entry. The less water that flows through the suit means more heat will be sustained for your core, invigorating you as you swim.

So Buoyant

The coating on the 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit gives athletes greater ease as they propel through the water with Orca’s Aerodome technology. This technology tactically places panels throughout the heaviest parts of the body, which creates hundreds of air pockets within the neoprene to provide greater buoyancy than five millimeter neoprene.

Sonar wetsuits also offer technology known as Hydrolift, which increases buoyancy optimizing performance through better body position in the water. The suit does this by strategically placing four millimeter neoprene among the hips and legs, which will lift your lower body, creating an ideal balance and putting less strain on your arms while completing a swim. With the buoyancy the 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit offers, you’ll increase speed times and lower muscle fatigue.

Great Value

The 2011 Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit is cheaper than most high-end wetsuits that offer the same technology. When swimmers use this wetsuit, they love its buoyancy, which helps them to increase strokes while decreasing the amount of energy needed to propel through the water.

With the Hydrolift and Aerodome technology offered in the Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit, competition times are increased. For the cheapest priced Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit click HERE-men and HERE-women.


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