2011 QR Superfull Wetsuit Review

The first Quintana Roo wetsuit–reviewed here–appeared in 2002, shaming the competition with its quality of workmanship and top-of-the-line features.

Nine years later, its successor storms onto the scene championing everything swimmers loved about the previous wetsuit, while implementing new technology to continue its trend of preeminence. As it stands, Quintana Roo may have created their best wetsuit yet.

Fit And Flow

When choosing a wetsuit, it’s imperative that you try it on first. Sometimes wetsuits can be too snug, stifling a swimmers breathing technique, or too loose, allowing too much water to fill the suit.

Swimmers believe that, with a loose wetsuit, allowing too much water to flow through will rob the body of heat, putting many in danger of hypothermia, even on warm days.

Many swimmers have lost events simply because of an ill-fitting, or improperly made, wetsuit. First time buyers have stated that the fit of the 2011 QR Superfull Wetsuit is unrivaled.

QR Mens Superfull Wetsuit Review

QR Mens Superfull Wetsuit


The 2011 QR Superfull Wetsuit strikes a great balance in the way it’s made, to allow enough stretch for a swimmer to breathe properly and fully, while keeping a tight, but not constricting, fit across the body. The inner neckline of the suit provides more comfort and flexibility than other suits as well.

When swimmers are pouring their heart out to be the first out of the water, breathing gets heavier, causing the chest to expand and shrink at a quick pace.

The Superfull Wetsuit accommodates that passion for winning with new technology equipped on each side of the wetsuit: 1.5 mm, Type 40 panels allow for an increase, and decrease, of chest-movements during strong exertions.

Having 1.5 mm, ribbed fit panels, of neoprene under each arm lets the swimmer stroke more easily in any direction, reducing muscle fatigue caused by fighting the wetsuit.

QR Womens Superfull Wetsuit Review

QR Womens Superfull Wetsuit



Breakaway Zipper

One feature of QR’s Superfull Wetsuit, that alone will shave seconds off your competition time, is its breakaway zipper. This is the fastest zipper release of any wetsuit on the market, as the zipper teeth on the Superfull are made to tear apart within milliseconds! Be the first to transition from swimming to biking in competition with this trick.


The forearms of the Superfull Wetsuits are made from ‘silver sharkskin,’ making the most used part of the suit durable. ‘Sharkskin,’ is implemented on wetsuits used by cavers, those who dive through underwater caverns, to reinforce the neoprene that the suit is made of; protecting the suit and the diver from abrasions and tears caused from underwater rocks.

Swimming Downhill

The 2011 QR Superfull Wetsuit also has an ace up its sleeve in QR’s patented Virtual Pull Buoy–VPB–technology. Pull buoy training teaches proper technique while keeping the lower half of your body buoyant to reduce exhaustion while learning.

VPB technology works in similar ways, keeping your legs and hips buoyant, and making it feel as though you’re swimming downhill. This position makes each stroke easier because it improves your body’s rotation and alignment by keeping your body in an optimal swimming position. This suit will help you finish the swim with less fatigue.

The 2011 QR Superfull Wetsuit is a great wetsuit, at a high price. Even though the price may be high, expert triathlete’s know that you’re paying for more than a suit, you’re paying for the technology that goes with it.

The 2011 QR Superfull Wetsuit has innovated in the past, and continues its trend with this new suit. Men click HERE, women HERE for great prices and free delivery


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