2XU X:2 Project X Wetsuit Review

Sleek, black, and form fitting, the 2011 2XU Men’s X:2 Project X Wetsuit, will help any level triathlete compete better; read this review to get the facts on why this wetsuit is so great.

What’s So Great about X:2 Project X

The 2XU Men’s X:2 Project X Wetsuit gets results. Made with Yamamoto’s 40 Cell Neoprene X Flex Panel crossing the front, this wetsuit provides better flexibility and body roll than others in its class.

With the added benefits of the 40 Cell Neoprene X Flex Panel, swimmers can achieve faster swim times by increasing their range of motion and propulsion in the water.

The X Flex Panel also offers better hip rotation during swimming, creating better use of technique. The paneling in this suit keeps you balanced in the water and adds extra buoyancy for an unrivaled experience.
2XU X2 Project X Review

A Nano SCS Coating shields the suit, offering four percent more buoyancy than regular SCS coating. This nano SCS coating creates less friction, for faster swim times, and less strength loss overall.

The efficiency of the Project X Wetsuit doesn’t stop there. The suit also provides Titanium Alpha Coating, which will help your blood flow properly through your legs when you transition immediately from swimming to biking.

Velocity streaks on the chest offer less drag for more speed and the suit also has catch panels on the forearms, and kick catch panels on the shins, to help swimmers driving through the water feel as if they do so effortlessly.

How Does the X:2 Project X Fit?

Most people fitted for the Project X Wetsuit say it fits like a glove. The sleek fit helps reduce drag in the water and allows for proper movement.

You have 11 sizes to choose from, depending on your weight and height, ranging from extra-small to xx large. One great thing about these suits is that they are offered in tall sizes and ‘solid’ sizes, to make sure every active triathlete will get a suit that fits.

The suit is 5.5 mm thick in the body and the legs, and 1.5 mm thick in the arms and shoulders, for maximum movement.

Only For Experts?

The beauty of the 2XU Men’s X:2 Project X Wetsuit is that you don’t have to be an expert swimmer to benefit from using it. Anyone, and everyone, will benefit from the features this wetsuit offers.

Non-expert swimmers will see how easy coursing through open water is when wearing this suit. The suit increases the flow of arm movements to maximize swimming technique, and, since this suit offers four percent greater buoyancy than others, it provides a safer glide through the water in training or competition.

Range of Motion

The extra range of motion, combined with the suit’s Titanium Alpha Coating, offer more propulsion with less effort, greatly reducing muscle fatigue.

These benefits are great for non-expert swimmers, but experts benefit more from these suits. Many experts have their technique down, and are only looking for suits that will help them reduce drag and effort. This suit meets, and exceeds, many expert swimmers’ desires.

When you combine the expertise of a more professional swimmer with the many proprietary features this suit offers, there’s no stopping them. This suit compliments swimmers well with its glove like fit and many additional features to help underwater propulsion.

The 2011 2XU Men’s X:2 Project X Wetsuit establishes itself as more advanced than the competition, and better than its predecessors. For information on how to buy this suit to enhance your swimming performance click here-Mens and here-Womens.


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