6 Signs You Are Training too Hard

1. You repeatedly fail to complete your normal workout

Failure’s a funny thing here.  We all train to the point of not being able to go any further, lets call that normal failure and this is fine.  What if you can’t manage to lift what would normally be a breeze?

If your performance is failing this dramatically you’re probably training too much but remember that pushing yourself to progress and then not getting there is different.   If you’re unable to do today what was a breeze last month then you’ve been training too much.

2. Leanness Is Going

Sadly you can’t rely on increased work alone to burn calories.  There’s a big hormonal impact.   Overworking can mean that you burn more than calories, amongst the glucose and glycogen you can expect to be burning muscle tissue if you are over training and that causes loss of tone and worse still fat being deposited.

Becasue you’re overtraining the testosterone to cortisol ratio is out of kilter.  You need a positive T:C ratio will give more muscle and less fat while a negative ratio, resulting in too much fat is because your training too much.  Watch this one though guys because a lack of sleep can have a similar effect.  Worse still is a combination of both.  That increase in cortisol decreases the effectiveness of your insulin which means a tendency  to deposit fat, particularly around your mid section.

3. Day in and day out

Right when you started this lark somebody will have whispered in your ear about how important rest is.  You need to rest to make sure that your body can repair the damage you’ve done to tired muscles.  If you’re one of those people who are training hard at the gym 5 days a week take a long look at your schedule to see where you’re giving yourself time to recover.  Make sure you vary your activities so you give those hard worked muscle groups time to recover.  The harder you work them the longer they need to recover.

If you don’t allow sufficient down time the all important healing just won’t happen and performance won’t improve.  Remember that time spent with the family or on other activities is not rest time.  Sure, you need to balance your activities to keep motivation high but this doesn’t count as rest.  Get to bed and get some sleep!

4.  It’s all about strength and explosive activity in your training and you can’t chill afterwards

Any athlete who needs to focus on strength training, a sprinter for example, the sympathetic nervous system has a big impact on them because so much of their training ties into fight or flight emotions.  If you are training too much then there can be side effects.

If you are unable to wind down and take advantage of your day off, if you are over excited or perhaps you are unablr to sleep at night it could be because your nervous system is over stimulated. Your body is reacting to all that fight or flight stuff by maintaining the sympathetic stress system’s activity levels.

5. You an in-for-the-long-haul type of athlete but you feel constantly tired

Too much attention on endurance and increasing stamina can cause sympathetic overtraining.  Your body goes beyond the normal signs of fatigue and forces itself into recovery mode by ensuring your heart rate stays low to repair the extreme damage that you’ve done to date. Hormonal changes might mean an increase in body weight but it all goes back to overtraining.  You’ve reached peak performance and you don’t need to train as hard to maintain it.

6. Aches and Pains All Over

No doctor can perform a test that proves an injury is due to overtraining but they can have a pretty good guess.  Perhaps you should be doing the same.  It’s all about DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – don’t you know nuffink!) – it’s all about the damage you do to muscles as part of training, it’s quite normal and with good rest to help the healing process it’ll go away.

DOMS can be caused by poor excercise technique or by over training.  If the old bones and joints won’t give up complaining, even after a couple of days rest check your techniques and your programmes.  After your endorphin rush (and don’t we all love it) you should get to experience that warm, golden feeling all over but if you’re aches and pains keep shining through you’re probably over doing it.

7. You’re suddenly falling ill a lot more often

If your immune system becomes compromised, as Mum would say it – you feel a little under the weather – it could be a sign of over training.  You need to go through a checklist and rule out dietary changes, lack of vitamin D, lack of good sleep and mental stress you should look to your training schedule.  Little, silly illnesses that are so silly you wouldn’t call them illnesses show your immune system is under pressure.

If you’ve recently upped your work load how have you been coping with all that extra work?  You may feel all’s well but sniffs and sniffles may be the sign that all is not quite so well and that your training routine needs to be adjusted.

Good Luck!


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