9 Smart Triathlon Training Food Choices

Smart Substitutions

Taking in hunger-killing appetizers will help you trim calories from your diet without even increasing your hunger. Another option that you have is by making small, strategic food substitutions on your meals so that you can reduce your calories without decreasing the amount of food that you eat. Below are 10 different types of substitutions that you can try.


1. Replace a non-vegetable food with a vegetable or you can increase the portion of vegetable intake

Example: Substituting chicken Caesar salad wrap with a grilled chicken sandwich, because the former has less bread and meat, and more lettuce [save 65 calories].

2. Replace a non-fruit food with a fruit (or increase a fruit portion)

Example: You can substitute an eight ounce tub of yogurt with a bowl of berries, together with drizzled vanilla yogurt [saves you 141 calories].

3. Replace a high-calorie beverage with a low-calorie beverage

Example: Try replacing a Starbucks Grande Café Latte with a mug of coffee with only half and half and sugar [saves you a whopping 250 calories].

4. Replace a fried food with a non-fried food

Example: Try going for grilled chicken strips instead of breaded, fried chicken strips [save 140 calories].

5. Replace a high-fat meat with a lean meat

Example: Try using 95 percent lean ground beef for your hamburger patty instead of using 85 percent lean ground beef [saves you 60 calories].

6. Replace a high-calorie sauce, condiment, or topping with a low-calorie alternative

Example: Use reduced fat mayonnaise instead of regular mayonnaise [saves you 25 calories].

7. Replace a refined grain with a whole grain

Example: Instead of using regular spaghetti, use whole wheat pasta [saves you 47 calories].

8. Replace a whole-milk dairy food with a reduce-fat dairy food

Example: Substitute a half-cup of whole milk with a half-cup of skim milk for your breakfast cereal [saves you 36 calories].

9. Replace a high-calorie dessert with a low-calorie dessert.

Example: Substitute a small bowl (½ cup) of ice cream with a large serving (1 cup) of mixed berries with a heaping tablespoon of low-fat vanilla yogurt drizzled on top [saves you 72 calories].

Hunger-Killing Appetizers

• Small spinach salad with olive oil dressing

• Three celery or carrot sticks dipped in peanut butter/hummus

• Small bowl of miso soup• 8 oz. serving of nonfat yogurt

• ½ cup edamame (steamed soybeans)

Stay healthy!

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