Aqua Sphere Kayenne Review

This is a short review of my favorite triathlon goggles, the “Kayenne”, from Aqua Sphere.

A Common Problem

For years I struggled to find swimming goggles that fit my head. I went through many brands but for one reason or another (maybe I’ve just got a strange shaped head) I never found a pair that was both comfortable and reliably watertight.

A couple of years ago I read a positive review about Aqua Sphere goggles and, after doing some more research on triathlon forums and people I met at triathlon events, I took the plunge [pun intended!] and bought the Aqua Sphere Kayenne.

Aqua Sphere Kayenne

Amazing Comfort

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable these goggles sit on your face. There’s none of the pinching of the nose, or digging into the eye socket that I’d suffered with other swimming goggles.

You Can See Everything

The second big change is the expanded field of vision. Not being the world’s most accomplished swimmer, I’ve always felt more calm and comfortable underwater when I can see what’s around me. These goggles give you almost the same view as if you were wearing a full diving mask.

Will Not be Knocked from Your Face

Finally, and critically for the frantic open-water starts of a triathlon, is the fact that the Kayenne goggles fit very securely on your face. I don’t know if its because of the larger surface area attached to the front of your face, but these goggles are just plain hard to knock off.

I’ve experimented by knocking them with my hands and arms underwater and its genuinely difficult to shake them off. Perfect for those of you whose worst nightmare is the thought of an aggressive triathlete knocking your goggles off right at the start of the swim!

Technical Stuff

As far as technical specs go, the Kayenne has an expanded and undistorted 180-degree field of vision provided by its new slim microframe which keeps the goggle closer to your face. This results in low drag (something I have not found to be a problem with other Aqua Sphere goggles).

Finally, the Kayenne goggle’s clear lenses are designed to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light.

The Kayenne retails for about $23 and in my opinion is simply the best goggle for triathlon available.


This is a very positive review and, in all honesty, its hard to say anything bad about the Kayenee goggles. I was worried that they would be too large and clumsy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d recommend these goggles to any triathlete who wants to enjoy better vision and comfort during the swim.

Go get them here now.

Good luck!



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