Avoid Burn Out – Take a Break

Burn out is starting to become a major problem in many tri-athletes because each year the triathlon season seems to be longer and more intense.

Being a coach, I have witnessed many athletes struggle with their training, with some losing their focus and their motivation. That is why during training it is always beneficial to take a break, relax, charge-up. Usually, the perfect time to do this is during the fall.



If you begin to notice that you no longer look forward to your training, to your long bike ride, or to your long morning run, then it is time for you to sit back and admit what you are experiencing.

Be Honest

Once you have pinpointed the problem it is now time to take the necessary steps. Yes, it is part of the training to push your limits. However, after months of training there are times when you need to take a complete break.

Take full breaks for several days and engage yourself in other activities other than running, swimming and cycling. These activities can include pilates, yoga, walking and hiking, and fishing.

However, before you get into any of these activities give your body ample time to recharge and then start moving. Do not fret about gaining because this is a natural process and this will indicate that you are now ready to start your training once again.

Rest Your Mind

Apart from giving your body a break, you also need to let your brain rest. If you spend hours and hours reading about triathlon and other related topics, it is beneficial that you stop doing this and start doing something else.

A form of mental rest may involve starting on a different project that is completely unrelated to triathlon and other sports. You may cease thinking about triathlon after a few days, do not worry because this is actually a good sign.

According to Kelly Slater, a professional surfer, that inspiration remains even when motivation seems to fade away. In other words, you may seem to lose your motivation at times… ¬†However, given enough rest, you will be much better once you feel the inspiration to get things started once again.

Good Luck!


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