Avoiding and Treating Foot Blisters

Why do we tend to do thing to our feet that will give us blisters?  For example, wearing new dress shoes without even trying to break them in or roller blades without the right socks?

Those can really throw a kink into a training schedule.  But what about those times when you get blisters and you haven’t done anything that we can think of that would cause those blisters.

How to Deal with those Blisters

You shouldn’t go and blame your sneakers if you get blisters.  It is more than likely the socks rubbing your feet wrong that are causing the blisters.  You need to go get socks that are moisture-wicking and form-fitting.

Then if you are still getting blisters you need to look at your sneakers.  Sneakers usually only last about 6 months if you are training for a running race, so it is important to buy new ones regularly.

If you are still getting blisters you need to have a professional see if it is how you are standing and running in your shoes that are causing the problem.  Finding a pair of shoes that deal with your running on the inside or outside of your shoe can help prevent blisters from happening.

To Heal the Blisters:

1  Soak your feet in a bucket of hot water and Epsom salt as often as possible.  This will help get any liquid out of the blisters and keep you from getting an infection in the area

2  When you do have to go out it is recommended you get band-aids that are cushiony and medicated along with the moisture-wicking and form-fitting socks.

3  When in bed, let your feet breathe, so keep the socks and band-aids off

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them with us.


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