Awesome Running Tips For Your Training and Racing, Part 1

I want to share some insights and tips for running in a way that will help you improve your style of running and hopefully help you run faster, regardless of where you are in your training.

Recently I went for a run with my brother and his girlfriend.  What was so neat about it was that even though my brother rarely runs, he really didn’t have any problems keeping up with his girlfriend and I, except to have a little muscle ache in his legs the next day.

My brother is into mountain biking while his girlfriend and I have been doing triathlons for quite awhile.  Even though we train for different things, he did pretty well.  What would happen if he were to think about exercising regularly and even properly?  He thinks that running is just plain boring.

When I began the running process, which happens to be when I started training for triathlons, I was doing pretty much everything wrong.  There was one training group and it had everyone from beginner to advanced and even the semi-pros in it.  Then there is the fact I was just running to fast and too long and didn’t give myself enough time to recover.  I didn’t really like running because I just thought that was how it was done.

Boy was I wrong!

I was in pain and was suffering for more than 1 ½ years until I read a book that shared all kinds of running tips that changed my mind when it comes to running.  When I ran, I was running for myself and not to run for others.  This way I am able to choose how fast or slow I go and am able to adjust to what I needed to for my body.  After just implementing a few of these tips I felt a change in my training.

If you watch me run today you would think that I am just plain slow and that I must be moving backwards.  Much of my running time, about 90 – 95%, is slow running.

Read “The Tao of Relaxed and Proper Training” to see why.

But when it comes to competitions I will hit my goal of 40 minutes per 10k.  I do this with great accuracy, as if I were a brain surgeon.
I do speed work, but rarely do that type of running.

One of the tips I found interesting was that speed work needs would be the spice of the training.  The water part of the training is the endurance, so taking it slow.  Many athletes get this mixed up.  Because of this, they are not only losing minutes or possibly hours, but they could be hurting their health.  It will cost them more time to recovery and possibly lower their chances of being ready for the race.

Ignorance could also be a problem for them.  

The results can change dramatically when you focus on the right part of the equation, which is YOU.  It is about you, not the ego.  So let’s get going on the running tips that be helpful and to keep in the back of your mind while training.

You should know the basics of training by now, which would be to increase your distance first and then increase your speed.  You may think the next thing sounds silly or way to simple, but stretch along with doing running exercises can improve your running style.  It isn’t just for sissies or girls, it is for everyone.  If you don’t do these, then maybe that is why you don’t enjoy running today.

If you have problems believing me, then you need to look at what the professional athletes do.  After finishing their warm ups, they stretch.  If you watch carefully, it is both men and women who stretch.  So if I ever wonder if I am doing something right, then I just watch what the professionals are doing.

What they do, I want to do, or at least the ones who are good.  

Stretching can not only reduce your chance of injury, but if done when you finish your workout, you will find that your recover time will be shortened as well.  I have noticed personally that when I stretch and cool down properly after a race I will see my recover time will be shortened by about 50%, but it will depend on the length of the race.

There are some people who are ignorant when it comes to the facts about running faster than others who claim to be experts.  Also, just because you are doing speed work about 3 times a week or more, doesn’t mean that you are running faster in the races.

Most people will have problems running faster because they choose not to go with the basic facts that go with sports science and with the training theories out there.

It would be good to remember that opinions are really cheap; this is because we all have our own opinions about something and everything.  As long as you are willing to stick to the basics of training properly, regularly and implement the basic running tips you find, you will be able to celebrate how well you continue to improve.  Feel free to share your success with us.

You will find here that we start with the most basic and simple tips possible and will slowly get to the more advanced tips as you have had a chance to really understand what you have learned.

It is a good idea to start practicing the basic endurance during your winter and spring training, so for at least 3 months.  Don’t be ashamed or afraid of having those runs be long and calm.  You will have success because of the foundation you are laying now.  There are those who think that by getting to the end first now they are doing something good.

To keep me from getting bored with my training and to keep it diverse, I will do little spurts of something different during my training.  This is when you will change up your tempos for different parts of the run.

You will do it differently each time or change it up every couple of runs.  Some examples will include trying to run faster uphill while trying to slow down going down the hill.  Or maybe you will run a certain amount at your race speed and then go almost to a walk for several minutes.

Have fun with it.  There is no one way that is right or that it has to be done.  Be creative with it.  Change it up a little bit.  Yes, you do need to practice running fast in order to increase the speed you will need for the race, but you don’t need to run fast all the time during training.

Once you understand the basic of how training will help you with the competition, you will stop stressing about training.

If you train correctly, you will notice that the level of fitness you experience will continue to get higher and higher, which is what you want.  You will start to see you are able to run faster and faster without even trying to hurt yourself and while feeling good about.

Why try to hurt yourself when you are doing something good for yourself.  

You might consider signing up for different short running competitions during the winter to help polish up your skills and to put some final touches on your training before the normal season starts up.

See you next week with more tips.

Good luck!


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