Awesome Running Tips For Your Training and Racing, Part 2

I want to share some other running tips that can help you:

Have different pairs of shoes that you will change between.

Make sure you practice drinking while you are running.

It is a good idea to start the run with a warm up that is a low tempo along with stretching after you have warmed up.  Also, your training needs to include a cool down that has your tempo decreasing.  Then the last thing you should be doing is stretching.  You really don’t want to end your training session with the highest tempo.

Speed work should be done sparingly and after you have been able to reach a basic and stable endurance.

You could do a little bit of speed right before you start the season, which is about 8 – 12 weeks, but combine it with basic running.  You need to be careful during this time, as you are at the highest risk of injury.

During the competition it is important to focus on a run that is easy and relaxed.
You might consider putting fasteners on the running shoes.  You can always ask your local shoe dealer about this.

When going uphill, your steps should be longer.  When going downhill, your steps should be shorter.

It is a good idea to practice your transition for cycling to running before races.  It may feel like you are walking on eggs or stitch, even for those who are a runner who has been through many races.

It is important to drink drinks high in isotonic in them after your training and races.  Also make sure to eat carbohydrates as well.  It is important to stretch and cool down, especially after a race, and you may want to do this before changing clothes.

Nutrition:  You might consider preparing the mix powder sports drinks instead of the pre-mixed drinks.  Also make sure to drink plenty of water throughout not only during the day, but during the race.  When you are running your long runs, make sure to switch up between water and electrolyte drinks.

This will help to make sure you avoid getting dehydrated and make sure to eat every hour, whether you really feel like you should or not.

Heat:  It is a good idea to start drinking early in the day, whether it is race day or training.  Make sure to drink before, during and even after a training and competition, even when you don’t feel like you are thirsty.

This will make sure you don’t get dehydrated.  Make sure you are wearing a hat and clothes that are bright in color.  When you start to not feel well, it is a good idea to reduce your intensity and also make sure to drink more.

Cold:  It is a good idea to wear several shirts on top of each other instead of one sweatshirt.

During increased ozone values:  Make sure to reduce the intensity of the training of running or consider training in swimming and/or cycle.  Make sure to check your pulse by using a heart rate monitor and then even consider doing you’re running early in the morning or in the late afternoons.

Preventing Injuries:  It is a good idea to rub Vaseline on your feet, inner thighs and anything else that seems to rub during your workout.  Men, you might consider using band-aid on your nipples.

Make sure you pay attention to your legs and feet to see how they feel.  You will want to take care of any injuries or pain right away and then make sure to ice hard after your trainings or workouts to make sure you don’t have any further injuries.  You shouldn’t do interval training if you have not laid the ground work with slow and long endurance running.

Race Day:  It is important to not try any new shoes, food, and clothing or change anything on race day.  This can become uncomfortable and possible lead to injuries.  It is always a good idea to start out slower than you think necessary so that you can save your energy for the entire race.  For those training for triathlons, just think of a pie chart that is split between the three different disciplines.

Safety:  When training wear colors that are bright and don’t blend in with the scenery.  Make sure you are aware of what is around you.  This includes thinks like cyclists, other runners, vehicles and just your surroundings.  Make sure to face traffic and to carry your ID.

The best tips available would be to just get out and do it regularly.  The more you do it, the more it will make sense and you will be able to enjoy it.

As you have found out, there are many things to consider being a successful runner and accomplishing the goals you have for running.  There are many running tips out there that you can use, if you take the time to talk to other runners as well as do a little research.

Some will work for you while others won’t.

Good luck!


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