Balancing Ironman Training With Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed in finding time to do your ironman triathlon training?

You might be one of the athletes out there that an ironman intrigues you.  It is important to make sure that you do proper training, which takes a commitment of hours of time spent doing training.  There could be a solution to this.

The cycling part of this website I shared about getting as many training miles as possible throughout the week by using your bicycle instead of your car as your means of transportation, if it is possible.  I want to take that idea and take it a little farther and give you some helpful tips that may help with the time issue.

How many hours are really needed to spend in training when you are going to be using two legs instead of four legs?

If you plan on arriving somewhere between 16 – 17 hours, which is what most competitions are set for, then don’t worry so much about the number of training hours.  You can do this type of competition with little or no effort or are just a beginner.


If you know what a crawl is, then using a one week time will be great.  You should know that the competition will be longer and you want to use different exercising techniques.  You also need to make sure that your tempo varies, as swimming is most important when it comes to do this than any other part, if you want to build your speed.

You might want to consider doing something like intervals of 1000/800/400/200/100/50 yards/meters and add breaks and then do different tempos with each interval.  Doing this will be helpful for the swimming part, which is about 20 percent of the race along with reducing your training work altogether.


The cycling portion of the race makes up more than 50 percent of the entire competition, so this should be where you spend most of your time training. Doing either one long unit in a weekend that includes 4 hours and will help you spice your training up.  You might consider adding a little extra time that has different types of training as well.


Just like the cycling training, you might consider using some extra training time that will include different types of intervals to increase your pulse rates.

If you find that you have some extra time during training one day, you might consider doing additional cycling training or even doing some endurance-building long runs.  If you do these different types of training during the week, you will spend at least 10 hours training for your ironman triathlon.  You might consider doing some short distance races up front.

During the race you should remember S-E-D:

This would be a slow tempo and not to forget to eat and drink.  If you will do this, you are doing the best preparation for the ironman triathlon.  If you use this schedule, it may not finish 1st place, or even 2nd or 3rd, but will at least enjoy the adventure of training the ironman.  After your first ironman, you may find that you will invest more and more time getting ready for your next ironman.

Good luck!


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