Beginner To Triathlon? Here’s a Quick checklist

This triathlon for beginners is a basic guideline of essentials, training fundamentals and even hints that will be updated regularly while be short and sweet.

It is a good idea to work your training with a group of those who are like minded or at least one partner to exercise with.  This helps you to stay on track with your regular training.  If it is a group, make sure it is where everyone will respect you, no matter how you do your training.

When you run and cycle, you need to be able to talk with your partners effortlessly.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be doing that.

Make sure you aren’t overdoing it.  You want to finish your training session with the impression on your body that you can continue to continue a run, cycle or swim training.

You can do a long training after you have done a short, but high-impact unit the day before.  But it is wise to not do a high impact training after you have done a long training the day before.  This will help you from overstraining any injuries or symptoms you may have received.

Make sure that you are training so that you are enjoying your training session.  This can sound like it should be a no brainer, but many times, but there are many who feel they have to be in pain to be making any progress.  This is just stupid and not true.

Training is just that, it isn’t a competition.  This goes well with what I just mentioned earlier, which is that exercising is not like it is a race, it should be fun.

Your training sessions shouldn’t have more than about 10-20% at your training distance and speed that you will be using for competition.  It is better to slice the tempo into smaller parts and put breaks in the sessions.  Just repeat this interval training 3-5 times.  You will learn more about interval training in the training methods section.

Keep in mind:  Whether you are training for a triathlon for beginners or a triathlon for the advanced and pros runner.  It is most important to remember that it is endurance training.

Good luck!


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