Beginner Training for a Triathlon

There’s no getting away from the fact that beginner training for a triathlon can be tiring, for both body and mind. While the goal isn’t to discourage new triathletes, its important to make it clear that by starting a triathlon training program, you’re life will change more than a little.

Beginner Training for a Triathlon


So What’s Going to Change?

You’re going to have less time for other activities. Things like sitting on the couch watching tv, visiting the local fast-food restaurant and sleeping late on a Saturday morning.

Your diet is going to change: To fully see the benefits of your triathlon training, you’re going to have to move away from “anti-fitness” foods. Say goodbye to McDonald’s and any other fast food!

You’ll have less time with your friends: You won’t be hanging out in the bars that much longer, you may have to cancel that Friday night poker game, or miss out on watching football all day Sunday when you’re at the local pool swimming.

Your sleep schedule may change: You likely won’t be much of a night-owl anymore. Most athletes in training become “early to bed and early to rise”. You’ve got to hit the hay, so you can be up before the kids to get into your daily training session!

Your “energy” levels will be different: As you go deeper into your triathlon training you won’t be content with just watching television. You’re going to feel the need to do more with your time as your new-found energy makes you look for new things to do.

These things will change you for the better. Some of these things may sound strange for you but the point is: triathlon training will change you, and you need to be mentally prepared to handle those changes. In the long run though, these things will change you for the better.

Good luck and train safe!


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