Beginner Training for Triathlon

As a beginner triathlete, it may be difficult to know where to start putting all of this triathlon training stuff together. If you don’t have everything lined up, many things could go wrong: you may get frustrated; train too much; not eat right; injure yourself; make yourself think you’re totally ready when you’re not … The list goes on.



To help you work out the basics, this triathlon training guide can work as a skeleton to your triathlon training plan.

Getting Organized

This is the first step in direction of proper triathlon training.

First, get a clear picture of all the things you want to accomplish in your chosen triathlon and, second, which distance of triathlon you are aiming for (Sprint, Olympic, Half or Ironman).

You’ll need to have a training log book, a training schedule (which also includes nutrition planning), the right equipment, and if possible a training partner to help you with your running, biking and swimming.

Remain Focused

You’re going to face a number of mental distractions during your training.

There will be times when you’ve been trianing for a number of months and you feel like there’s no improvement in your performance at all. You’re going to be worried that you just aren’t good enough to hit your targets or be competitive.

It is important that you should be aware of this risk so you can face it head-on. Just stick with your training schedule, keep consulting your log book or talk to a fellow triathlete about it. You’ll break through that wall!

Just give yourself adequate time and just stay on track.

Don’t Over-train

[pullquote]you run the risk of injuring yourself[/pullquote]As a beginner triathlete, you have to closely follow your triathlon training schedule. This will help you avoid the risk of over-training – a common mistake new triathletes make.

If you train too much, you run the risk of injuring yourself, suffering burn out, or losing that vital motivation. Obviously, a structured triathlon training plan also ensures you are doing sufficient training (particularly in your weak event).

Proper Nutrition

For a lot of beginner triathletes, the training program involves a brand new way of eating. You will be eating different foods than what you are used to, taking out a few of the familiar (and unhealthy) ones, and most likely eating 6 smaller meals per day instead of three squares.

Processed sugars and fried foods will be out, whole grain carbohydrates, fish and lean cuts of meat will be included.

A Word About Relationships

Triathlon training can take over your entire life. Spend as much time as manageable with your family. Gently but firmly make them empathize with what you are doing and why you’re doing it. They’ll be looking for you sometimes. But here’s a great news for them: you’ll have more energy when you spend time with them!

Good luck!


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