First Triathlon Training Schedule

A triathlon training log needs to include everything you do in each of the three different triathlon events. You can monitor your progress and make notes on the things that you must work on. You can also keep track of any missed or skipped training sessions.



When you are deep into your training, it’s very simple to forget how far you’ve come, all the successes you’ve had and all the obstacles you have already overcome. But your faithful log will keep records of your every accomplishment.

It acts as a motivational tool as well. You can go back and read it and FEEL once again that day in the rain when you did THAT brick, when you ran 8 hard miles right after biking 20!

Remembering your success is essential and so is remembering where you need to make improvements. A triathlon training log should also contain your training notes. Maybe you need to practice swimming with your fists balled. Maybe you have been advised to lengthen your stride while running. Whatever advice you are given and points you have to remember, you must log them.

Serious triathletes should even log the foods you eat each day. Determining the right nutrition and what food you should eat is important because it will be vital on the day of the race.

Yes, a triathlon training log should contain everything related to a triathlete’s training. Its perhaps your most valuable training tool.

Good luck!


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