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  • You want to knock up to 15% off your best time?
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  • You need to develop your ‘weak event’ while not compromising your strengths?
  • You want a structured, easy-to-follow training plan that takes all the guess work out of success?
  • You need to fit triathlon training into your already busy life?
  • You want to learn the secrets to triathlon training that have already helped hundreds of athletes succeed?
If so, the Half Ironman Triathlon Training Program is for you.

Just a Few of Our Successful Triathletes

Here’s What’s Included in your Triathlon Training Program

  • A step-by-step progressive training program to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Detailed daily workouts with training time and exertion level guidance.
  • Specific recovery and taper periods to allow your body to recover for optimal performance when it counts.
  • Learn the Periodization of Training secrets utilized by the world’s top professionals.
  • Work through the Six Periods of Training to unleash your hidden potential.
  • Train within specific training zones to maximize your training.
  • How to use perceived exertion levels to effectively monitor your workouts.
  • Methods to monitor your body composition, and track cardiovascular fitness improvement.
  • Swimming training guidance including detailed swimming technique and drills.
  • Learn how to swim more efficiently and faster.
  • Cycling training guide with technique and strength drills.
  • Detailed running drill training. Run faster and more efficiently.
  • Free, unlimited updates when released
  • And Much Much More…

Some More Happy Customers – and Triathletes!

How Much Have You Invested in Your Triathlon?

How much have you spent so far preparing for your race? Here’s a conservative example:

Wetsuit $250
Swim Accessories $50
Bike $1000 +
Biking shoes, helmet and sunglasses $200
Trisuit or tri clothing $100
Running Shoes $150
Race Entry Fee $250

That’s $2000 total, which is a lot of your hard-earned cash.

It’s staggering to think that after such an investment, athletes sometimes try to nickel and dime on the training. Why spend close to $2000 on equipment then fail to make the most important investment of all – the Training Program!

The Triathlon Training Program is only $97 $57. That less than you’ll have spent on your swimming goggles and swimsuit and over the course of the Training Program, that’s only a measly 30 cents a day.

Clearly, finishing the race in style and knocking minutes off your best time is worth 30 cents!.

But That’s Not All

Order TODAY and receive these amazing free bonuses.

The Triathlon Strength Training Guide
Value: $23.99. Yours FREE

  • The secrets to improving performance by up to 10%.
  • Discover the benefits of strength training for triathletes.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from injury and develop explosive power and speed.
  • Enjoy comprehensive workouts to supplement your specific triathlon training.
  • Revealed – how much is too much? Avoid the risk of ‘bulking up’ with excessive weight.
The Triathlon Core Strength Training Guide
Value: $29.99. Yours FREE

  • Develop deep inner core strength.
  • Improve your flexibility to make yourself ‘injury proof’.
  • Learn the techniques that the experts use to make you a faster triathlete.
  • Revealed – how to get long, lean muscles, ideal for triathlon.
  • Learn the secrets to functional fitness.

That’s over a $50 value, free to you if you buy the Triathlon Training Program today

You Will Finish The Race and Achieve Your Best Ever Time OR YOUR MONEY BACK

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Triathlon Training Program works – it’s that simple.

And I’m so confident you’ll be happy with the results that I personally Guarantee them.

If, after completing your Triathlon Training Program, you are not 100% satisfied, just drop me an email and I will personally arrange for 100% of your money to be refunded.

That’s right – you’ll achieve all your goals – finish the race, knock minutes off your time and record your best ever time or I’ll give you your money back.

Trust me – I’ll be more upset that you are not yet completely satisfied than refunding your money!


  • Your Personal Training Program – You get the entire easy-to-use Training Program to finish, faster.
  • The Guide and Drills Handbook – You get the detailed explanatory notes that accompany the Triathlon Training Program and the Drills to improve your swimming, cycling and running.
  • Bonus #1 – You get the free Triathlon Strength Training Handbook – a $23.99 value.
  • Bonus #2 – You get the free Triathlon Core Strength Training Handbook – a $29.99 value.
  • 100% Guarantee – Best of all, your satisfaction is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee.

All for just $97 $57

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