How to Approach the Off Season

It’s winter! Not sure what you should be doing with your time? How about we give you some suggestions…

Embrace the Snow… Literally!

Winter Training

The winter season is also known as the off-season. During the off-season, some tri-athletes tend to sit back and wait for the snow to melt before they get started on their training, while others welcome the winter season as if they have been waiting for it!

The winter season is also considered as the transitional period which is why, whatever you do during this season, will have a huge impact in your upcoming races. It is winter, what can you do to gain more speed?

The answer is simple, go cross training. This kind of training has been around for years and has been passed down from one generation of athletes to another. If you live in an area where it snows a lot, do not wait for the snow to melt. Instead, run outside and embrace the fact that it is winter and you have to deal with it.

Try running in the snow, it’s surprisingly fun!

Change It Up

Aqua jogging, spin sessions, Nordic skiing, ice-skating, and snowshoeing are just some of the many activities that you can do during winter. Although some of these activities can only be done inside a covered area, but you must not rule it out because even indoor activities have its own set of benefits.

Riding your bike alone during the winter season can be boring, but spin classes will enable you to do the same thing without the boredom of course. Walking on the treadmill can be too easy, too simple, and too boring for some athletes, but this is one great way to improve your pace.

To work on your upper and lower core during the winter season, you can always settle for Nordic skiing. Ice-skating on the other hand is perfect for strengthening your legs, which is obviously beneficial during long bike rides in races.

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy skating!

During the off-season, it is best that you don’t just sit and wait for the ice to melt, because the winter is the perfect time for you to explore other things and other activities.

This is also the best time to work on your weaknesses, like side-to-side recruitment of certain muscle groups. In typical triathlon training, this aspect is often ignored.

Therefore, during winter work on this by playing basketball, volleyball, dodge ball or any activities that require you to change positions or move side to side. Moreover, these activities will also help strengthen your leg muscles as well as the ligaments on your knees and ankles.


To improve your cardiovascular system and strength during winter it is best that you engage in rollerblading. I personally have reaped the benefits of spending all winter rollerblading. Performing mini-squats can be boring.

The crouched tuck position that you assume while rollerblading is the perfect alternative to mini-squats. On a regular basis, this is equivalent to weight training in order to develop raw power. Moreover, if there is a local facility for wall or rock climbing then do so.

Wall climbing is an excellent workout to develop upper body strength. The winter season is the perfect opportunity for you to discover and rediscover activities that you will enjoy.

Climbing is great for you core!

As long as it is a physical activity and it is something you can differently, one way or another it will prove to be beneficial once you start training for the triathlon. Cross training during the off-season is the perfect time to do things differently, the ideal time for a mental and physical break.

Go and enjoy the off-season with a partner, and who knows you might end up discovering another sport that you enjoy!

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