How to Become A Better Triathlon Cyclist

If you are a triathlete and you cycling is your weakest link, the best thing that you can do about it is to attack your weakness.  Do this by increasing the variety of your bike training, instead of just spending more time in the saddle. When I say variation, I mean specifically challenging your capacity in pedaling in many different ways.



Challenge Yourself

You can always throw in different types of challenges in pedaling for your neuromuscular system to force it in getting creative to try different patterns of muscle recruitment, some will be more efficient while others will help you in resisting fatigue much better.

No bike workout that you do during your weekly training regime should be like the others. You should always vary your speed and intensity because this will help build muscular and cardio endurance.

Switch It Up

There are four major speed or intensity levels that you need to regularly incorporate in your training, in order of decreasing volume, on moderate aerobic intensity, threshold intensity, VO2max pace and of course, maximum power.

There are also other variables that you need to adjust when training for bike such as duration, gradient, cadence and force.

Short of time? Just do a quick hill workout.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours on your bike. If you mix up longer rides with short power or hill rides, your body will contuinually be suprised by your training, and you’ll see huge improvements in your bike fitness and speed.

Good Luck!

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