How to Become A Better Triathlon Swimmer

The fastest method in improving your freestyle swim technique is to have your stroke analyzed by qualified coaches. Indeed, after swimming without any improvements, stroke analysis is the most indispensible tool when it comes to becoming a better swimmer.


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There is no way that you can do self-diagnosis and correct, by yourself, any flaws in your stroke. Even professional athletes and Olympians still rely on their coach for this kind of correction.

Master swim coaches are the best stroke analyzers, and they can provide their analysis both within the context of any group workouts, or even on one on one training sessions.

Film Yourself

Another great way of receiving stroke analysis is by attending a weekend triathlon or swim camp in which some of them even offer videotape of your stroke and their analysis on it. You can also videotape yourself while doing strokes and send it to an expert coach for analysis.

There is no way of becoming a better swimmer by employing the same tactics that you always use in becoming a better runner. By getting in shape in the water, it means building up your yardage and working harder.

The only way that you can improve your swimming, is by improving your technique and efficiency. The best thing you can do is cut out your marathon swim sessions and, instead, focus and improve your technique.

Good luck!

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