How to Change a Tire

A cyclists worst nightmare!  You’ve got to learn how to change a bike tire.  Here’s what to do.

Find a place where you can be safe. It should be somewhere out of the way or on a trail.

Removing Your Wheel

Take out or loosen the brakes.

If the wheel that needs replacement is the one located at the back, transfer to the smallest gear at the back. This simplifies the process of putting the wheel back.

Separate the wheel and the bike frame.

Visually inspect the tire for sharp objects like broken glass, nails, thorns, tacks, and the lacks. If needed, take out these objects.

Separate Tube from Tire

Utilize the tire levers in order to take out the whole tube.

Take out the tube from inside the tire.

Inspect the inside of the tire using your fingers. Be careful!  There may be glass in there.  Run your fingers around the inside to check for punctures made by foreign objects. If you find anything, remove it.

Replace the Tube

For holes that are more than 1mm, you will need to cover it using the ‘glue-less patch’ to close it. This will prevent the new tube from protruding through the hole once the tube is inflated. Nonetheless, when you get home replace the tire immediately.

To help the tube stay in shape, inflate it with a little amount of air before you try and attach it to the frame.

Replace the brand new tube inside the tire.

Reattach the Tire

Be extremely careful not to put pressure on the new tube when replacing the tire back on the rim. Do not let the rim and the side of the tire to pinch the new tube.

Ensure that the tire is sitting on the rim before you push the valve stem through the tire. Once in place, take out the valve stem.

Visually inspect the position of the tire on the rim. Ensure that the whole tire is completely seated on the rim.

Put a little amount of air inside the tire. Check if the tire is seated well on the rim on all sides then inflate the tire completely.

Reattach the Wheel

Re-attach the wheel onto the bike frame. Ensure that everything is aligned, centered and straight as much as possible.

Put the brake back on.

Pack up your old tube and take it away with you.

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