How to Glide Through Your Triathlon Training

About 95% of the triathlon training is very pleasant experience and typically should never include pain of any kind.

There will be about 5 – 10% of the time when you will leave your comfort zone to collect miles or focus on increasing speed by doing some more intense training.

By reading you will read more about to structure your training and even write the proper plan so it can be converted to a training program.

You don’t need to be torturing your body by using high pressure training.  

If you will follow the simple training guidelines that are outlined for you on any of the following sites, you will find that you are never exhausted and most importantly have fewer injuries than your training partners who do not know this information.

This will allow you to spend more time on track with your triathlon training instead of sitting on the couch or chair watching others training outside.

When thinking of your training it is a good idea to try and keep in mind the metaphor of cooking soup metaphor.  While hopefully you will have some spice, vegetables or even meat in your soup, you want most of the soup to consist of water.

You want to try and keep it this way with your training.  With your soup you want to start by gathering some water and boil it before you really start putting the other ingredients into it.

Make sure to work on your basic endurance by doing slow units of running, cycling and swimming.  Many, if not most, of the triathletes will miss the boat here.

Many of these athletes want to start right off with the “good stuff” – becoming fast, a celebrity or even a champ overnight.  When learning the piano you don’t invite guest for your first concert for the next week?

No, more than likely you are going to take about a year before you will feel like you are able to feel like you are a fluent player with the basic skills necessary.

Why is it that many people who start out with this sport think they can just get up and hit a home run by giving themselves 8 233ks of training time to prepare for their first triathlon race?

Make sure to build your shape slowly and consistently and you will find that you will succeed.  That is a guarantee.  This needs to be done no matter what your personal training goal looks like.

As you do this you will get a better understanding of the basic and even the more advanced training principles out there.  We are not just talking about the endurance training.  To learn more about triathlon weight training you can simply click here.

For those of you aiming on participating in an ironman race you need to know that your training schedule will look even busier.  Here you will find an article about how to hand the Ironman Training.

For those of you who want to learn more about the triathlon training you can simply follow the links above this introductory article.

It is important to always remember the following:

1  Training for a triathlon is that it is never a chore or burden.
2  It is a breeze.
3  It is fun.
4  It is effortless.
5  Finally, it will be fun if you follow the suggested simple training guidelines that are outlined for you in this site.

Good luck!


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