How to Improve Your Weak Triathlon Event

The best opportunity for you to focus on your weak points and improve on them is during the off season, or early base-building period.

When you only have ten weeks left to prepare for an upcoming race, you need to make sure that your training is balanced, but during the winter season, balance doesn’t matter that much.



Focus on Weakness

During this season, you can reduce or even briefly stop training in one, or even both, of your stronger disciplines. You can then focus your energy on working on your weaknesses without jeopardizing your summer race performances. As long as you start training again to restore balance by March or April, you will not be out of shape by May or June.



If you normally swim, run and bike three times in a week during the racing season, you have the option of blocking out eight weeks in December and January to focus on a single sport, so that you can improve more on it. You can train five times a week for your weak sport, while training for twice a week for your stronger two disciples. In doing so, you are simply redistributing your nine weekly workouts.

Take a Break

If you want the off season to give you a break from the heavy training and still want to strengthen your weakness, you can choose to still train five times a week for your weak discipline, while only one in each for the other two sports.



It can be challenging to keep motivated in improving your weakest discipline. For some triathletes, selecting a single sport race as the culminating point in improving their weakness is a very effective way in overcoming the motivational challenge.

Focusing on a single sport for a certain time period is definitely not the only way of improving your weakness because you can still attack your weakest discipline with a balanced training regime, and by focusing on the key elements to improving in each of the three sports.

Good luck!

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