How to Make Your Bike Saddle More Comfortable

Is it possible to ride your bike in comfort? Is there anything that you can do to make sitting on the saddle more enjoyable and comfortable?

Well, you are not alone in wondering if you can make long bike rides more comfortable…

Obviously you want to make your rides as comfortable as possible. It is possible and it’s not expensive, nor excessive. In fact, it’s pretty simple.

Is Your Saddle the Problem?

Check out the different types of saddles that provide excellent pressure relief sold in the market, by visiting bike stores and triathlon stores, and browsing through bike catalogs. Choose a saddle that fits you well.

As much as possible, ask others about the saddles they are using. You can ask your coach, your teammates, and even those whom you train with. Ask them if they have any suggestions regarding a saddle that can make you feel comfortable.



It Takes Time to Break In

Once you have that new saddle installed, keep in mind that there will always be a break in period for the saddle to fit you perfectly. This is the same principle you use when you buy a pair of shoes; the longer you use them, the more they fit your feet.

Moreover, to make it more comfortable, you may want to soften the saddle material by applying medicated Vaseline known as Aquaphor on the edges, which also helps prevent chaffing. This method may wear down the saddle faster but, if you ask me, being comfortable is more important than prolonging the life of your saddle.



Take the Pressure Off

Despite the new and more comfortable saddle, there is still a need for you to ease the pressure during the bike ride. Long rides tend to shift your position in the saddle. Moreover, longer rides while sitting on your saddle can create pressure between the saddle and your pelvic area, which then results in feelings of numbness and soreness.

This emphasizes the need for pressure relief, which you can only achieve if you have been working out to strengthen your core. You need strong core muscles to keep your body in the optimal position, which will lead to less pressure.  No more skipping those core exercises!



Stand Up

There is one simple way to relieve pressure and that is to stand up while riding your bike on a flat course. This is very important because everytime you pop up, you are getting rid of the pressure between your pelvic area and the saddle.

Unfortunately, you have the tendency to keep on sitting during a flat course, which I do not recommend. Instead of sitting, stand up every 30 minutes throughout the course. This is one great way to relieve pressure.

Feel the ride and enjoy the scenery. Relieving pressure is very easy and simple, and in a fewsteps you will feel comfortable in your saddle again.

Happy riding!


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