iCYCLE Workout Review

Cycling is one of my favorite ways to maintain a healthy weight. But life gets in the way and factors such as weather, busy schedule and unavailable routes are just some of the common problems we encounter. The solution is to find an enjoyable and challenging indoor workout. With iCYCLE, indoor cycling workouts will never be the same again.

The iCycle System

Spinning routines, or indoor cycling workouts, are very effective when it comes to losing unwanted fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness. iCYCLE is a compilation of different spinning programs that you can download to your iPod or other music player. Indoor cycling is now made more fun with iCYCLE’s great music selection plus the motivating voice of renowned celebrity fitness trainer, Keith Irace.

Why Choose the iCycle System?

Working out indoors reduces the hassle of outside training, especially if the weather’s terrible. Keith Irace’s uses a very practical and goal oriented coaching method to encourage people who are willing to shed some extra pounds. With his effective training techniques, you will soon find yourself conquering hills, long rides and even sprints.

Easy to Fit into Busy Schedules

The good thing about the iCYCLE’s program is that they are broken down into different routines to ensure that busy people like us can fit training sessions with our demanding schedules. There are 20, 30, 40 and 60 minute workout routines designed for cyclists of all levels.

How Much?

There are 3 main payment options.

1. The audio compilation can be downloaded to your iPod for only $9.99 for their A La Carte program.

2. The Monthly Motivator plan gives you the chance of downloading three MP3 programs of your choice every month.

3. Finally, you can sign up for unlimited downloads, printing of maps and signature training plans for one year for a flat annual fee of $149 with the Unlimited Resolutions Plan.

Grab it!

The only thing left for you to do is grab your headphones, and burn all those calories away with great music along with the motivational voice of Keith Irace.

There are also workouts by other celebrity trainers that will encourage you to sweat until you drop. What are you waiting for? Join me in burning calories with iCYCLE workout programs. You can find out more here..


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