Learn the Language of Bike Shops

You may take your bike mechanic for granted, but he is actually your best friend! When your bike is making some odd noises, when the bike chain has to replaced, when you need to have it check before the big race, who is the person that you trust to handle your bike?



Tri-athletes can be very meticulous when it comes to their training but the same cannot be said for their bike maintenance. I have seen a good number of poorly maintained bikes in those bike racks.

Maintain Your Bike

Proper bike maintenance is important because this helps keep the rider safe. Therefore, it is best that you make friends with your local bike mechanic in order keep your bike in perfect shape. Here are some suggestions that will help you forge a good relationship with your local bike mechanic.

1. Before you take your bike to mechanic take some time to clean it first. Keep in mind that while you were riding your bike anything could have left a splatter on it. It could be sports drink, water, mud, and even water.

Think about your mechanic’s feelings. Often I have seen mechanics do the paper, rock, and scissors game in order to determine who will get to work on that dirty bike.

2. If you think something is wrong with your bike, describe it as specifically as you can. Do not just take it to the mechanic and say ‘it makes odd noises”, because bike mechanics are into detail if you hand them a riddle, they will go crazy, and they will not give you your bike back until they have solved the puzzle!

That is why if you are in a hurry help your mechanic save time by describing the problem to the smallest detail. Keep in mind that being specific and detailed is also for your own good.

3. As much as possible, try to form a connection with your mechanic. The best way to do this is by being a regular customer. If you have problems with your bike, go to the same mechanic. In this way, they will become familiar and accustomed to you and your bike. This will help reduce service time and improve output.

4. Reward your mechanic for a job well done. This reward is more popularly known as tips. It can be in the form of anything. It can be monetary, or it can be food or drinks. Reward them even when it was just a simple task, this will help you establish a connection with them.

Once you get connected with them, they will gladly help you in case you need something done in short notice.

5. Last but not least, asking the mechanic about what they do to your bike is the best way to learn. However, before you invade their workspace, do not forget to ask for their permission first. If they agree then spend enough time observing them.

Ask Questions

Bike mechanics are eager to share with you what they know, and they will gladly explain the secrets of proper bike maintenance. Nevertheless, if you ask questions always keep them relevant.

You can establish a good working relationship with your mechanic and their bike shop by following the steps mentioned. It also helps ensure that whenever you take your bike for repairs they will be willing to do it and not put you at the back of the queue.

A good working relationship with your bike mechanic will not only benefit you, and the mechanic, but also your bike.

Why not share your thoughts on bike mechanic etiquette below.



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