Losing Weight for Triathlon, Pt 2

Part of improving your health and performance is important, then you need to take weight management seriously and make it a key aspect of the training you are doing.

By shedding the extra weight, you will be able to get up the hill faster, along with running faster.  It will also mean less stress on the body, which will mean that you will reduce the risk of injury to your body.

Fight, flight and fat

There are many other things that can affect your body besides training and racing, and this includes the stress of everyday life, which may leave your body on high for a long time.  The spike in cortisol can stimulate fat and carbohydrates metabolism, which means fast energy and also result in you having an increased appetite.

Make sure to work out any anxieties you may have out or your weight and health will be affected.  There is a quick and painless way to find out the stress level is by taking a simple saliva test that your health care professional can do.

It is a matter of putting your lips together and spit, and then a few days later you will be able to find out if you are heading towards a burnout and even potential weight and health problems.  Also, don’t worry about the cortisol levels being out of whack.  It is a matter of simply changing your lifestyle and you can calm down.

Reality bites

Researchers have found a new endocrine system that are called “obesogens” that seem to be what are causing there to be an overweight problem in the U.S.  There are many different chemicals in the environment that seem to attack our stem cells in trick them into fat cells, which can affect how our genes function along with affecting our metabolism.

If you can minimize your exposure to some of the following things, you will be doing better: eating out of or cooking foods that are in plastic or Styrofoam containers and foods that come in cans.  Also, going organic whenever possible, even trying to stay away from foods that are high in fructose corn syrup and even those foods that are modified.

Also using cleaners that are planet friendly and not using as many perfumes and things on the body will your body is able to deal with weight management better.  These different chemical are foreign to the body and will tax the liver even more to remove them from the body.  When you are kind to your body, it will respond accordingly.

Gut-wrenching news

It can also be that your diet and lifestyle can be affecting your gut wall lining, which can be leaking, which will affect things like inflammation in your body, having low energy, bloating, various skin problems and even impact your ability to digest or assimilate the foods you take in.

The leaky gut can end up adding 5 to 10 more pounds to the scales.  As an athlete, the intestinal permeability can do a double whammy on you, which will make you feel lousy and also affect the nutrients in jeopardy.

You may need more, in terms, of nutrient dense than most people will need.  The same test talked about earlier can help tell if you have this problem.  Then if you find you are sensitive to certain foods, you can make the necessary changes to your diet.

That’s it for this week.  Until next time train safe, stay healthy, and hope to see you at the races.


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