Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS 2011 Review

The 2011 Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS cycling shoes–reviewed here–are the most useful and beautiful pair of shoes you’ll ever throw in an oven!

A Triathlete’s Best Friend

Although a bike will always be a cyclist’s best friend, but the 2011 Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS cycling shoe may be in the running as a close second. The most striking feature of these shoes are their beauty.

But lets face it, training for, and running, a triathlon isn’t a fashion contest. This shoe also needs to be versatile and useful.
Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS Review

The upper exterior is predominantly a white synthetic leather that is well ventilated with gray, nylon laminated mesh accenting the shoe in a few places.

Two straps, which are explained later, grace the upper part of this shoe as well. At the very front of the shoe are two small ventilation ports, and all throughout the sides are further, small ventilation holes.

These shoes are stiff. The bottom exterior of the Carbon Tri HRS consists of Louis Garneau’s excellent Carbon EXO Jet outsole, designed to provide as much comfort as possible while riding by staying really stiff. A stiff outsole allows for maximum drive on the pedals.

Fantastic Ventilation

The ventilation in the shoe is amazing, but might be too amazing in cold climates. The ventilation allows for tremendous toe-to-heel airflow as you ride. Consider using a ‘bootie’ when riding in colder climates to keep your feet warm as the ventilation may be too much.

Another specialty of this shoe is the HRS at the end of its name. HRS stands for Heel Retention System. This feature strives to keep your heel in place during power strokes. The HRS feature is reinforced with a 0.4 mm membrane and has two Velcro, Kevlar enhanced, straps to keep your foot snug as you ride, and easy to take off and put on during quick transitions.
Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS Review

The weight of the shoe depends on the size of your foot, but weighs around a very light 285 grams.

A Custom Fit

This is the best, most expensive shoe that you will ever cook in an oven. Heat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, set the 2011 Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS cycling shoes on the oven rack and let bake until warm. This may sound strange, but this recipe is for the best fitting shoes you may ever wear.

After a few minutes of baking, take the shoes out of the oven and throw them on; wear socks if that’s what you usually use to train. Walk around a bit and viola, you have custom fit cycling shoes. Louis Garneau creates their shoes with a thermo moldable interior to reach maximum fit. Once heated, the interior of the shoe is like putty that will ‘harden’ around the shape of your foot, creating a custom fit. Magic!
Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS Review

These shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Men’s sizes start at 4.5 and go up to 14.5, while women’s sizes start at 6 and go up to 12.

The price for a pair of 2011 Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS cycling shoes (approx. $250) may be slightly above the average triathlon shoe, but it’s a steal for the features this cycling shoe offers. Check them out with free shipping and an awesome returns policy here.




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