Louis Garneau Rocket Air Helmet Review

The extremely stylish Louis Garneau Rocket Air Helmet–reviewed here–will turn heads while keeping yours well ventilated.

Louis Garneau Rocket Air Review

This Rocket Air Helmet, created and designed by the magnificent Louis Garneau, is a great addition to any triathlete or road cyclist. Louis Garneau utilized extensive research, including a lot of time in a wind tunnel, to create this exceptional, aerodynamic helmet.

Why It’s Awesome

The ventilation provided, through five vents, by the Louis Garneau Rocket Air Helmet allows for air to move completely through the helmet, while the aerodynamic shape of the Rocket Air Helmet forces the rest of the air around the helmet, reducing resistance. The Rocket Air Helmet also has what’s called ‘evacuation channels,’ which help air flow and allow for sweat wicking.

The weight of the helmet is minimal, at 14.8 ounces, and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The padding on the helmet is made of Louis Garneau’s Sealed Airdry technology for great comfort and ventilation.

The craftsmanship of the Louis Garneau Rocket Air Helmet is evident in how it’s made. The helmet’s microshell is bound to the EPS during fabrication, creating a durable seal, instead of being taped together. A windscreen can also be fastened to the front of the helmet to protect the face.

Louis Garneau Rocket Air Review

The Fit

Louis Garneau’s special feature, called Spiderlock Elite, allows a rider to properly balance the Rocket Air Helmet with one hand: never has putting on a helmet been so quick and easy. Louis Garneau also offers an Ergobuckle on the helmet which offers effortless strap adjustment.

The Louis Garneau Rocket Air Helmet is CPSC-certified, one of the few available in the United States.

What all these features mean are faster training and competition times with better comfort. Check out Triathlete Sports for the lowest price around.


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