Off Season Fun

Many of you are probably like me:   you want to keep from losing fitness during the offseason while having fun.  Is it possible to have a break from the regular triathlon training and avoid those extra pounds?  What you need to do is to change the focus of your training from a triathlete to a better athlete.

You need to look at your training in a different way.  Being able to go the extra mile because triathlon requires the whole body to be ready as an athlete, this requires combining aerobic exercise, muscle strength, coordination and mechanical efficiency.

Most athletes spend plenty of their training in aerobic capacity, it is a good thing.  It is important to be able make it through the entire race.  The off season is the time to make sure you are focusing on the three pillars of the long course of the triathlon.

There is really no wrong or right way to go about this.  It is just important to make sure you work on areas you wouldn’t normally do during your training while having fun with it.  Here are some different ideas to help you get started.

Muscle Strength:  An obvious and good idea is lifting weights.

But how about these:

Put one or two children into a wheelbarrow and push it either around the block or up a hill.

Take a couple of buckets that are filled with water and try carrying them up and down a hill and don’t spill any of it.

When going on a hike with the family carry a backpack that is heavy, one of the kids on the back or most of the gear that will be needed.

Remember playing chicken fight?  Put someone on your shoulders and go at it with someone else, but remember to keep it safe.

Mechanical Efficiency:  Keep the drills for your in-season training and try games that will be short, quick sprints and have them go in different directions.

Play games like catch or tag with either your kids or the neighbors kids.

Chase your dog around the back yard or the park.

Take up refereeing sports that have you moving quickly, like lacrosse, field hockey or even ice hockey.

Even doing a pick-up game of basketball, which will allow you to get re-acquainted with those people you more than likely ignored during your triathlon training season.

Coordination:  The idea behind this is to make sure all parts of your body are working together.
Focusing on those athletics that need you to have good hand-eye coordination is good.

Consider dribbling a soccer ball during your jog.

Consider taking up tennis or ping pong.

Maybe get a group of friends or family together and play some underwater hockey.

Maybe consider playing Frisbee golf.  It can be a lot of fun while changing your pace.

There really are no rules when it comes to your off season training, it is just a matter of imagination.  Be creative and think about those fun games and activities you enjoyed as a child.  Make sure to include an activity from each of the categories and figure out how fun it can be while helping you be able to change your on season training better.

Good luck!


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