New to Triathlon or this site?  Here are the best Resources you can use to achieve your Triathlon goals. Each topic link will take you to the main Resources section for that aspect of your Triathlon training. Just great free advice to help you progress as a Triathlete.

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Nervous about your first Open Water Swim? Or just want to shave a couple of minutes off your time? These triathlon swim tips will give you the edge you need to get out of the water faster! Start here.

Want to go faster and still have strong legs for the run? This is the place. You’ll get all my tricks for a fast and efficient triathlon bike leg. Some great cycling training tips as well. Start here.

I’ll show you how to avoid the dreaded “dead legs” at the start of your triathlon run. Hint – the trick is not just to “run more”! You’ll get faster, stronger and, heck, even enjoy your running more! Start here.

Are you an absolute Newbie? No problem, we all were once. This is the place to start your triathlon journey. I’ll walk you through the basics and get you on the right track to Triathlon success. Start here.

Let me show you how to eat right without having to live like a Monk. Good nutrition is essential for triathlon training, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You. Can. Even. Have. A. Few. Drinks (shock horror!) Start here.

Forget about the finish line, you wont even start your Triathlon if you’re injured. Injury prevention is one of the most undervalued aspects of triathlon training. Not here – I’ll show you how to make your body “injury-proof”. Start here.

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