Swim Injuries – More Common Than You Think

Swimming injuries are not as common as those from running or cycling.

Swimming is a sport that many athletes will turn to when they become injured from other sports.  But swimming injuries can really happen.  You will find the following sections will tell you what to look for.

Swimmer’s ear

The most common swimmer ailment that man of us will remember from childhood, and is not easy to forget.  You will spend a carefree day at the pool splashing and jumping only to wake up in the middle of the night with a severe pain in the ear.

Swimmer’s ear is an infection caused by moisture that is trapped in the ear canal. It will hit swimmers of any age.  This is a painful and chronic ailment that will often require antibiotics, usually in the form of eardrops, to heal.

Swimmer’s ear is preventable.  Of course you can jump around and bang on the side of your head to make sure you get all the water of the ears, but there is a way that is easier.  If you see that you are prone to swimmer’s ear, you can either use the over-the-counter drops that will help to dry the ear canal.  Or you can use earplugs to help keep your ears dry while you are swimming.

Swimmer’s shoulder

Swimmer’s shoulder is pain in the shoulder that is caused by a constant repetitive movement overhead from the arm and shoulder during the freestyle stroke.  The swimmer’s shoulder is an injury due to overuse because of increasing the duration of training too quickly.  Also using a poor stroke form can lead to the swimmer shoulder as well.

If you see that you are experiencing a swimmer’s shoulder you will know because of soreness and swelling in the rotator cuff area.  You should take some time to rest the shoulder.  After your break, you should work on a variety of different swimming drills that you can find in Chapter 5 to help you develop the proper form.

It is a good idea to make sure you stretch the upper body before and after you swim.  If you have a chronic injury you need to remember to talk to your doctor.

Good luck!


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