Technical Components of the Triathlon Run

The run is the least technically demanding event in the triathlon.  Resistance to movement in the running phase are minimal, so conditioning becomes the main training focus.


In terms of running technique, perhaps two variables to consider are stride length and foot placement. The 10 kilometer running speed will be determined by the stride rate and the stride length.

There is no magic formula for stride length, each person’s stride length will vary with their turnover rate.   However, it should be long enough to not feel like a shuffle, and short enough not to feel like a bouncing ball.

Foot Placement

The optimal foot placement for a middle distance runner is to make the heel strike the ground first, roll the body weight on the outer length of the foot, then push off with the forces shifting from the small toe to the big toe.  These are very small technical details compared to those in the swimming and cycling events.

Train safe!


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