The 12 Most Outrageous Triathlon Bikes You Can’t Afford

The economy’s in the toilet. We’re in the middle of a recession and there’s no sign that the housing market’s coming back any time soon. Unemployment is high and people are watching their pennies more than ever.

So, bike manufacturers are cutting back as well then, right? A nice line of sensible and affordable triathlon bikes, right? Right?

Not a bit of it.

Here are 12 Outrageously expensive bikes. Your’s for the price of a small to medium sized car. Or you kids’ college fund.

Did I miss any?  Call me out on my mistakes on Twitter @triathlonnut

Giant Trinity Advanced SLO

Advanced SL-Grade Aero Composite frame, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Drivetrain and Zipp wheels. A monster of a bike and looks great too. My complaint – pedals not included. Bit tight that if you ask me!

Yours, for $13,000

BMC Time Machine TT01

Swiss made frame using the 3-P system. That means its based on ergonomic data from over 3000 male and female athletes. A bargain compared to the Giant Trinity – coming in under that crucial $13k figure.

Yours, for $12,999

Scott Plasma Premium

Optimized for aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining UCI compliance (how do you feel about that Ceepo Viper?) [see below]

Yours, for $9,999

Specialized S-Works Shiv 2011 Concept

I love Specialized bikes and this one just looks the part.

Yours, for $11,775

Wilier Cento1 Crono 2011 Concept

Combining the latest airflow technology with the latest carbon performance technology is a sure fire recipe for speed.  Seems pretty accurate to me.

Yours, for $11,240

Pinarello Graal Carbon Di2

Compared to the, FM1, the previous model, the Graal has completely new geometries, steeper seat tube angles and a vertical seat post.  In a word – Understated.

Yours, for $9,750

Trek Speed Concept 9.9


You’ve got to seriously back yourself putting a cracking bike time to bring out a machine that looks like this out on race day.  All you need now are some go-faster stripes on your helmet and you’re all set.

Yours, for $12,100

Felt DA


A genuine ‘superbike’ with a price tag to match.

Yours, for $12,499

Cervelho P4 9000

It’s a strange day when you refer to the P4 as being a ‘bargain’ at the ‘low end’ of the price point.  Once referred to as the fastest legal bike there is, the P4 has apparently had 25 upgrades since the last model.

Yours, for $9,000

Ceepo Viper 2011 Concept

My favorite part of the official Ceepo website description of the Viper is this: “UCI rules compliant – NO.” I’m guessing it’s a pretty fast bike then?

Yours, for $12,750

Look 596 Mondrian 2011

A bike that look’s like it got dressed in the dark.

Yours, for $10,600.


Did I Miss Any?

So there you have it, 12 of the most outrageous triathlon bikes out there, each with their own overwhelming price tag.  Don’t agree with me or think I’ve missed a bike from the list?   Let me know on Twitter @triathlonnut

But please, just don’t ask me to include this monster!

Colnage Crono Oro

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