The Importance of Recovery

Why you should give your body enough time for recovery?

When you don’t give yourself a rest and enough time for your body to recover, you are going to never excel at a triathlon.  Without recovering properly you are at high risk of injuries, which can be high.

Why is that?

It’s simple.  The performance enhancement does not happen while you are on the track building up miles.  It will happen while you are recovering from your training.  The sport scientists will call it the “Supercompensation Effect”.

The idea of this is that during the time the body is being strained because of endurance exercise, the performance of the muscles will decrease over time. When you break up exercises the body will try to adapt to the new conditions while making the tiny changes that you will more than likely not notice at the beginning.

These change will include things like improving blood circulation, enhancing the capacities of your lungs, improving your intake of oxygen, and even building up new muscle fibers.

You literally develop your body while you are sleeping!

When you time the next exercise, you will find that you will be able to induce  more of an adaptions inside the body that will make you go faster, stronger or even more persistent.  When you continue this process the right way you will be able to train well for a triathlon.

We will into more detail later on because you need to understand this concept clearly. For the moment it is enough to know that recovery is as important as the exercise itself.

Don’t make the same mistake that many people are consistently doing.  They never give their body the necessary time to recover, which is just shooting yourself in the foot and wonder why you aren’t ever getting a better result from one year to the next.

If it is an ego, then you better get over it quickly.  You won’t be considered a wimp if you take time off from training.  You need to plan your training schedule so it is smart and not hard.  Make sure you are able to block enough time for recovery.

Rest well!


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