The Right Way to Train For Ironman

So, you think you want to train for a triathlon ironman?  We haven’t really talked about this topic yet in any great detail yes, so now is a good time.  It doesn’t really matter if you are trying to prepare for a sprint triathlon or an ironman.

There is basic training principles used for both – whether it is the short or long distances.  But general you will do the things you already know just a little bit slower and for a longer period of time.

There is a major difference and that triathlon ironman training will consume more time to prepare for.  You need to figure that it will be about 10 – 15 hours a week of training to really be able to enjoy the race.  You will want to double that amount of time if you want to be really good.  One of the benefits of a triathlon is that because of the diversity in training, you will more than likely not have the injuries of overtraining.

These are recommend for the ironman preparation:

Regular training.

Excellent preparation:  During the last two months of training before the ironman race, you will need to make sure you are training double the race distance each week. You will want to slowly increase your distance first and then work on intensity to make sure you avoid injuries.

Practice using your weakest leg.

Make sure you listen to your body every day.

Make sure you are focusing on a healthy and well-balanced nutrition.

Make sure that training is pleasurable and not forced.

If in doubt it is better to do less than more.  You can always take a day of extra rest than is planned, but never do more than is planned.

Make sure to take good care of injuries, even the smallest ones.

Make sure your training schedule is diverse so that you do not burn out.

It is important to combine hard training with soft training.  It is important to keep in mind that the long distance training is more stressful on the body than the tempo training.

Now we need to get into some of the details on how to structure the triathlon ironman training.  The main focus will be to make sure you are improving the aerobic capabilities.  Even if you do long training on consecutive days, you will find that your body will get use to the high volume of training.

For example, cycling more than 5 hours, running 25 kilometers and then swimming about 5 – 6 kilometers in combination will help to increase the effectiveness of the lipid metabolism, as well as help to prepare you for the high psychic demands that are needed for the extra distance.

Possibly consider cross training opportunities like winter marathons, marathons on mountain bikes or even ski marathons.  When preparing for an ironman contest it needs to consist of long basic endurance trainings along with long intervals.

Some of these may include swimming 800 – 1500 meters at 2 – 4 repetitions, or cycling 1000 – 2000 meters of 4 – 10 repetitions or 1000 meters of running of 4 – 12 repetitions.

When putting together your triathlon ironman training and competition plans you need to make sure you keep in mind that you need recover time after the race, which can take 4 – 6 weeks.  Training should also include short distance races to help you gain a strong racing routine and the endurance needed.

Good luck!


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