Top 5 Ways To Train To Win That Triathlon While Beating The Economy As Well!

Who says you can’t save money and win the race?

Is the economy fixed yet? I hear that the politicians say we’re recovering and the bankers are getting record bonuses, but as for the rest of us, it still looks pretty bleak. That doesn’t mean you still can’t train hard to win that triathlon, you have to have some joys in life. You just have to work harder, not spend harder, to get into shape.
Money Saving Tips for Triathlon

Follow these five tips and you can still enjoy triathlon success while not breaking the bank.

1. Compete at home and pay less. You don’t have to book a trip to Hawaii and enter the Ironman to be a real triathlete. Find competitions in your own neck of the woods. A triathlon is a triathlon, mentally tough and physically grueling.

Join a local race club, enter races nearby, and take advantage of full series discounts some race clubs offer. With the money you save staying local and the training you get from all the triathlon competitions you enter, in a few years maybe you’ll be in good enough shape physically and financially to afford that trip to Hawaii. And if you do have to travel a little bit, leave the family at home. You’re competing in a triathlon, not going on a vacation.

2. Compete in a triathlon for free. Two words: charity triathlon. That’s right, help raise money for charity and compete for free. Companies will actually put up entrance fees and expenses for you to raise if you do it in the name of charity. And not only are you training and competing, your doing something good for society.

3. Make simple healthy food at home. Why pay good hard cash to eat out and hurt your cause when you can eat in, save the pennies, and feed your body what it needs to win the triathlon. Proteins, fruit and veggies are what you need, and if you’re preparing it, you know exactly what’s in it. That “healthy” dish you pay too much for at a restaurant still might have butter in it.

4. Try plyometrics and cut the gym bills. Instead of blowing $40 a month on a gym you have to buy gas to drive to, invest that money in a weight set and a simple stability ball. Isometrics, plyometrics and light weight training better prepare you to compete in a triathlon anyway.

Learn to work with your body weight, use bungee cords for resistance, and hey, try a few sit-ups. They’re free! Also, spend wisely on your equipment, you just want what is most aerodynamic to help you win the triathlon, not what costs the most or sports the coolest name brand.

5. Massage for less. If massages play a part in your training schedule, why pay full price when you can get a good massage for $25 or so. Massage schools charge less because they need people to practice on, it doesn’t mean the therapists aren’t any good, in fact they’re training and supervised, it just means you pay less!

So there you have it. Follow those tips and you can save money and win the triathlon. But you have to use common sense. You can’t cut corners with safety.

Don’t push your equipment if it’s breaking down, or wear a banged up helmet or scratched goggles to save a few bucks. Purchase new tires for each race. Use your head, you want to win and save a few bucks, not lose over a few pennies or hurt yourself. An injury will cost a lot more in the long run.

Don’t forget a good training plan, follow it, get to the triathlon early, ready to compete, and get ready to win.

Good luck!


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