Tri Swim Coach Review

Today I want to talk a little about every beginner triathlete’s dreaded event – the open water swim. Many of us don’t come from swimming backgrounds and really struggle on the swim leg of the tri.

My inbox is constantly full emails asking for help either to overcome their fear of open water swimming or for tips on how to get faster in the water. Today, I’m going to reveal to you just how I answer every one of those emails.

But first let me admit something.

Kevin Koskella - Swimming Supremo

I have been a swimmer all my life and enjoy open water swimming, but confess to being completely outclassed compared to my friend Kevin.  Kevin (Kevin Koskella) is one of the top (if not THE top) triathlon swim coaches there is.


He is my go-to source of information, and tuition, for open water swimming and it is to Kevin that I direct any of my students who are really struggling with their open water swimming preparations.

So what can Kevin do for you?

Simply put, Kevin will:

– help you completely overcome your fear of swimming
– reveal how to kick any open water dread
– help you swim faster
– increase your endurance
– give you more energy for bike and run
– show you how to breathe easier and more naturally in the water
– help stop inhaling water when going for a breath
– help you stop sinking like a stone in the water
– reduce drag
– stop getting t-boned by other competitors
– help reduce or eliminate shoulder injuries

Sound good?

I’ve had countless students tell me just how great an experience they had following Kevin’s Tri Swim Coach plan. There’s no reason why you should not join them.

Head over to Tri Swim Coach now and get started.



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