Triathlon and Your Health – The Basics

Participating and training for triathlons has a positive effect on the body, and having an annual check up can help determine if there are any health risks involved with your way of exercising. A lot of people should start consulting their physician for advice before they begin or continue any exercise program.


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It’s still debatable whether it is necessary for everyone to take an annual exam. But there are certain people who need to see a physician before continuing or starting an exercise program. These people are:

People of any age who are obese. Obese people often suffer early complications from heart disease and heart attack because of their excess weight, high blood pressure and diabetes. Because obese people often exert a lot of stress on their cardiovascular system when they exercise, they should first have a complete physical test, along with other tests so that their physician can test and evaluate them for possible cardiac disease.

If someone feels chest pains or shortness of breath, even when exerting only minimal stress, they should stop the exercise program and consult with a physician first.

People who smoke. Smoking is actually the culprit for more diseases than obesity. Hence, smokers should first consult with their physician for screening of undetected cardiac or lung disease before they start any exercise regime.

People with pre-existing medical conditions. A person with a pre-existing medical condition that requires medications should first consult with their physician before beginning and continuing any exercise regime. Depending on the medical condition, the medication or dosage could be changed to meet with the needs of the person.

At the very least, he or she should watch for any adverse effects and determine if the medication requirements have changed over time. People with diabetes or heart problems need to have the most intensive monitoring, while other less severe ailments such as chronic hypertension, asthma or high cholesterol levels need only occasional medical supervision.

Men over 40 and women over 45. People of this age are required to undergo medical and physical tests because they have a higher possibility of developing medical conditions that could be caused by physical activities.

Studies have shown that there is a significant percentage of men that are over 40 and women over the age of 45 have developed silent heart disease or hypertension, and undergoing a physical examination will help in detecting and treating any conditions before they could be a threat to their training. This age range is also advisable to undergo screenings for high cholesterol, colon and breast cancer, as well as hypertension and diabetes, even if they have had a good medical history over the past few years.

Those with a family history of serious disease at a young age. Sudden death at an early age can be attributed to a lot of causes and this makes it very important for anybody who has a family history of serious disease at a young age to undergo medical tests immediately. This can rule out any potential fatal condition that can be aggravated by strenuous exercise.

Annual physical examinations really cannot reduce the potential health risks that are associated with exercise to zero. Luckily for most tri-athletes, the said exams are not really required but rather, they are preventative options.

Happy training!

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