Triathlon Cycling

Although for most beginner triathletes triathlon cycling is usually not as intimidating as open-water swimming, there are many reasons beginners are nervous about the triathlon bike.

Some find the speed too intimidating, while others are reluctant to ride their bike on the road in traffic. Another common complaint is that bike training is just too uncomfortable and monotonous.

Triathlon Bike Sizing

Great Body Position - But No Helmet!

The simple truth is this: the triathlon cycle comprises the majority of time in a triathlon. No matter how you train, you’ll spend most of your triathlon on your tri bike.

Without the proper bike training and distance under your belt, you’ll start the triathlon run on sore, “dead” legs and sometimes come close to cramping. I’ve seen expert distance runners being outpaced by triathletes with heavy cyclists bodies simply because the cyclist’s legs haven’t been ruined by the shock of a long bike ride.

Thankfully, your cycling training program need not be boring, scary or unpleasant.

There are a number of enjoyable bike training drills and rides you can enjoy to prepare you for the bike leg of a race.  Just add your email address below and I’ll reveal all in my Guide to Triathlon Training.  Oh yes, it’s absolutely free!

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