Triathlon Race Week Cheatsheet

Race season is approaching fast. To help you prepare for your upcoming race, here are some race week suggestions:



Wetsuit for swimming –

Check the zippers; make sure that it’s working. To make zipping and unzipping more fluid, you may add a few drops of lubricant.

Inspect any tears or holes in the suit.

To prevent you from getting burns, don’t forget to spray body glide on your extremities and neck.

Goggles for swimming –

Make sure that the rubber lining or gasket is intact.

Always bring a backup pair of goggles.

Bringing one dark pair, and one clear pair, may come in handy for cloudy or bright days.

Replace your goggles if you notice any defects, like a crack or a scratch.

Cycle –

Make sure that all the bolts are tightened and the seat is secure.

For race wheels, inspect the tire treads to ensure that it’s not starting to dry out from being stored during the winter.

One week prior to the race, clean the bike chain.

Removing caked on dirt from your bike can make a big weight difference, so make sure to clean your cycle one week before race day.

Frayed cables have to be replaced.

Keep extra tubes nearby in the transition area before the race commences.

You can either have a frame pump on your cycle, or make sure that your tire repair kit has to two tubes together with two CO2 cartridges.

Don’t forget your sunglasses.

Run –

To keep you from leaving without your race socks, make sure that you put them inside your race shoes.

Do not forget your race belt.

Do not leave without your race hat.

If you are using a fuel belt or water carrier, do not forget to bring this as well.

Nutrition –

If you can, avoid eating anything after 6 in the evening before the race.

Small frequent meals are much preferable.

Preparing Your Mind –

Before you go to sleep, think of nothing but positive thoughts, like making it to the finish line, or performing exceptionally well during the race.

Think up a positive phrase that you can say to yourself to help you keep going, in case something goes wrong during the race.

Keep your eyes on the prize, and concentrate.

Thinking negative thoughts will hinder you from performing well during the race.

Physique –

Follow your workout schedule – including any taper period.

Give yourself some rest – as much as possible.

Additional Tips –

It is best that you pack your things a day before you leave and then check it again a few hours before you leave.

Be early so you can register early.

You can bike around the whole course, including the run course, if you have extra time.

Make sure that you put on your sun block before you start the race.

Good luck!


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