Triathlon Running

Triathlon running – the final leg of a triathlon – is typically the most demanding, both physically and mentally.

The best way for you to avoid a painful end to your triathlon race is a combination of both race execution and smart triathlon training.

Triathlon Run

The Key to Tri Running Success is to "Train Smart"!

Failing to pace yourself through the triathlon swim and triathlon bike legs is a common mistake of the first-time (and veteran!) triathlete. If you don’t follow a planned pacing schedule, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the emotion of triathlon race day and go out all guns blazing. The inevitable consequence of this is a disappointing tri run leg.

Proper race execution aside, effective run preparation in your triathlon training schedule can help avoid a race day failure. Many of the same principles that veteran runners have followed for years apply equally to triathlon training. However the multi-sport element of triathlon running means that standard running training doesn’t translate exactly into the triathlon training world. In addition to having to incorporate both swim training and bike training into your tri training, you also must prepare your body for the often painful transition from bike to run leg.

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