Triathlon Swimming

You’re intimidated by the triathlon swim! I understand – I was too…

Ask any beginner triathlete which event they are least looking forward to and 9 out of 10 times the answer will be an emphatic “The Swim!“. ¬†

So why are you nervous about the swim?

Triathlon Swimming

Open Water Swimming is Intimidating

Some people don’t know how to swim. Other’s haven’t been swimming for years. However the most common reason to dread the triathlon swim is the fact that it’s in the open-water. The prospect of swimming outside the safe confines of your local swimming pool is just plain frightening.

Thankfully I can help even the most unsure swimmer overcome these fears. ¬†Just add your email below and I’ll reveal the many tried and tested triathlon swim tips that will build your confidence and help you conquer the open water swim. It’s absolutely free.

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