If you’re new to triathlon it can be daunting, even scary at times.  There’s so much to train for!  If you’re just beginning triathlon training and have never tried this sport before, you need to follow a few basic steps to improve your performance and, most importantly, lessen the risk of injury.

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Stretch. First and foremost, never underestimate the importance of proper stretching. It is more important to stretch after you are through with your final exercise for the session, however if you could stretch both before the session and after the session that would be better. Stretching can help ease yourself from stress from your muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons.

Beginner Triathlon Training

Avoid over-training. This means that you should build up gradually to the greater levels of performance. Don’t get impatient. Remember that you have got a long way to go to prepare, train, and condition for this important competition. You’ve got to do the best that you can without burning yourself out, getting injured, getting discouraged, or peaking before the day of the race.

Get enough rest! This may be the worst “sin” of all triathletes during training.  The mindset is to “go, go, go”.  Don’t believe that you are lazy just because you need to rest. Your muscles rebuild themselves and your body strengthens itself when you rest–not when you are actually working out and training.

Focus on the proper nutrition. It may be that while you’re training you can eat anything you want and still look great, but your poor nutrition will be harming your performance. Stay disciplined with the your eating habits.

Get the proper equipment. Train with it and plan to use it during the triathlon, too. Don’t skimp on the right gear and apparel. Novices as well as those experienced in triathlon can’t afford to be cheap.

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