Triathlon Training for Experienced Runners

One thing that generally catches a beginner off guard, who has not done proper training, is the running leg of a triathlon. If you are a seasoned runner, believe it or not, you may be in for the same surprise if you don’t do more than just pound the pavement. Here are several suggestions for the seasoned-harrier:

Dive in the pool and pedal down those roads

If you don’t balance your training, your legs might seem like rubber after a hard swim and a bike ride. Though training in the other two sporting events may reduce your running time, the more balanced approach of multi-sport training could rejuvenate your road-weary legs.

Do not concentrate on the distance covered

A lot of serious runners count the distance they run like they were balancing their checkbooks. You should be aware that as you add swimming and cycling to your schedule, your weekly distance will likely decrease. Don’t stress about it. The objective is balanced training – remember that.

Triathlon Running Training


Follow hard runs with easy bike rides or a swim

If you’re a performance oriented runner, doing hard workouts like intervals and hills (more on this later), you’ve probably been following those intense sessions with an easy run the following day.

After planning your triathlon training, in the event that you opt to keep doing these tough run exercises, make sure you don’t follow them up with a hard bike exercise. Apply the same hard/easy principle to triathlon training and go for a fairly short and easy ride, or better yet, a swim.

Watch Your Step

Most injuries that triathletes have are running injuries. Even though there are lots of reasons for this, the simplest explanation is that running is stressful on the body.

You put a lot of stress on your muscles each time you put in a hard run. You are tearing cell membranes on a physiological level. It may sound scientific, but the main point is the fact that pounding the pavement puts a pretty good wallop on your legs.

Train safe!


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