Triathlon Training in the Off-Season – Part 1

Winter has come early to the North East!

Now is the ideal time to review and evaluate your performance over the course of the season and plan for the upcoming season.

The triathlon season is finally over and now it is time for us to do some reflection on the events that happened during the past year.

Ask the Tough Questions

How was your year? How did your main races go? Did you achieve your goals? Is there improvement to be had in the way you perform your freestyle stroke? Did your running let you down? Did you manage to stick with the pack during the bike leg?

It’s essential that triathletes reflect on their performance the previous season.

Write Down Your Wins and Losses

As much as possible you should jot everything down for reference. If there are more notes on the “fail” section then spend some time to reflect on the possible reasons why you failed.

  • Did you train hard enough?
  • Were you motivated?
  • In all honesty, were you being lazy the previous year?

In contrast, if there are more ticks and notes in the “success” section, reflect on the things you did to achieve all those.

  • How did you train harder?
  • Why were you motivated to do more?
  • Did you have a better training program? The answer can be anything.

Take Things Forward

Later in the week I will set out exactly how to take your self-analysis and apply it to improve over the off-season. I’ll set out the exact steps you should be aiming for over the coming weeks to up your game, get stronger, faster and become a triathlon machine.

See you later in the week for Part 2.

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