Triathlon Transition Tips

Transitions are the “fourth leg” of a triathlon.

Transition 1 involves transitioning from the swim to cycling, and Transition 2 involves transitioning from biking to running. You can save precious time on race day by learning how to transition efficiently and effectively.


Triathlon Tips Transition


Train for Them

You must prepare for transitions by training for them. After a swimming workout during your training, put on all your swimming apparel, then record the time it takes you to step out of your swimming wear and change into your biking apparel, then get on your bike and move.

Look for means to reduce the time by wearing a fuel belt underneath your wet suit, carrying foods and energy bars, spending money on a tri-suit, or by getting on your bike with your cleats already strapped to your pedals.

The more time you work on your transitions, the more time you will save during the actual competition.

[pullquote]30-40 second transitions[/pullquote]Have you ever scanned through the results of the race of a recent event and noticed that most people have 30-40 second transitions from the bike to the run? It is time to join speed school and know the way you can have the same splits.

Here is how to achieve it (written for right leg dominant racers, just change positions if you’re left leg dominant):

  • Reach down and unstrap your right shoe and slip your foot out just about ten to thirty seconds before getting off – do this while steadying the shoe with the loop on the back of the shoe. Be certain that your right leg is at the top of the pedal stroke, so that your foot is within reach.
  • Place your shoeless foot on top of the shoe from which you just removed it (don’t worry, you could still pedal with your foot on the shoe).
  • Reach down and do the same thing to your left shoe at the top of the left pedal stroke. You should now be cycling with bare feet on top of both shoes.
  • Stand up out of the saddle swinging your right leg back and over the seat, and balance with your body on the left pedal just before reaching the dismount line (be careful when doing this!).
  • Step off with the right leg to be followed right away with the left leg when you reach dismount line. This will automatically place you into a running position right off the bicycle. Not only are you quickly dismounted, but this time you could run through the transition area much faster, since you don’t have your shoes on.

Just be careful not to step on anything sharp!

Good luck!


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