Triathlon Wetsuit Care

After each race and especially during the off season, your triathlon wetsuit needs a bit of care and attention.    After all, triathlon wetsuits are not cheap and you can easily use yours one for a few seasons if you look after it.

When it comes to tri wetsuit care there are 3 simple things you need to remember:

Clean.  After each race you need to rinse your triathlon wetsuit with clean water.  Chlorine or oily waters that you may have been swimming in will not your wetsuit any good.  Some use special wetsuit shampoos, but a good rinse with clean water is more than sufficient.   When you dry your tri wetsuit avoid direct sunlight or putting it next to heat.

Check.  Make sure your wetsuit has not been damaged during a race or the frantic moments of the transition.  Long nails are neoprene’s worst enemy.   If necessary use neoprene cement to repair your wetsuit and prevent further damage.   If you have a big tear you should contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Store.  Don’t just put your triathlon wetsuit on a hanger.  If the hanger is not big enough the shoulders will get misshaped and ruined.  It is far better to store your tri wetsuit flat.  Storing in a dark place at room temperature will do just fine, but a cold, damp garage is not a good idea.

As you probably already know, you should never use petroleum lubricant, vaseline and similar products on your triathlon wetsuit.

It all seems like common sense, but it is surprising how many people actually manage to ruin their triathlon wetsuits only and a few races and end up buying a new one every year.

You don’t buy a new tri bike every year, do you?

The same goes for wetsuits.


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